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Been built in pioneered by real rebels and renegades in people with different sounds like if you go back and we think that such a traditional conventional genre but like there was nothing traditional or conventional about willie nelson or the carter stanley or hank williams or johnny cash. Like dolly parton. Like caesar total trail-blazing rebels and i love that It's just so much artistic courage that has built this genre and so just over the years country just like led. Its way into my songwriting. And i'm not traditional country by any stretch. But i love country music and affiliates missing piece of me finding my sound. So then what happened you fall in love your at the bluebird you obsess learned all about everything and then what what's next. So that leaves you believe right now is so cool that you are on tour zac round. But you're like on tour with him with his band. It's like you and zac brown. It's not your opening background. You're onstage zac. Brown and brown been performing and singing so bad as it is so cool. Even when you say i'm jay And love your journeys. How did how did this happen. Like what a crazy awesome opportunity for life really is quite a few things happened before this but i started Writing in working with writers and producers in national in my late teens. And i loved. I just the songwriters the national and the musicians in nashville the producers. They're my musical heroes. But i realized that i really on the age. That if you don't really know who you are it's tough To sound like yourself when you get in those rooms because those writers and producers so well practiced in creating commercial country music that It can be tempting to just Kind of become a role with what's working what's happening. Yeah and enter become kind of carbon copy of what's going on and kind of paint by numbers artists in at a young age. I just really. I wanted to be a producer. I wanted to be as good works not being the producer necessarily even though i do produce now but to be wanted to hold my own musically not just be like a pretty girl who sang you know. I wanted to be a great musician. I wanted to truly great songwriter And a great producer Recognized how big the chasm was between like my experience level in my skill level and bears. And so i just like fully committed to writing and producing own for awhile in new york and turing around would book my own tours. These like high schools and colleges boarding schools for a few years. And i'm really spent my early twenty s just like hand making my albums. I had no manager no marketing team. Nothing like no one but me and And spent my early twenties twenty around schools in trying to get my feet wet playing live and learning how to produce my own records and total trial by fire. It probably took a lot longer than what if someone was showing me how to do it but not on devices which was good. He got to do it. Your own way and says navy's lady said someone else could have tried to influence you and you knew you didn't want that. Well that's what ends up happening For good reason because those those people are super experiencing super talented. I just always wanted to have a voice and be able to hold my own in. I feel like you really have to pay. You're used to be able to do that. Armand this just my way of doing that And then so after doing that for a few years. When i met rick we made the album that would become bear fee and he loved my sound. He loved my vision. He loved around. I'd never had that before. I've never had had had people come on and say oh you're so talented. Let's try this or this or this or that spread never had someone come in and say i get what you're i get who you are what you're trying to become and i want help you May vision happen. Come to fruition and that is really invaluable to some to find someone he believes in what you are trying to create as close as someone who sees your potential wants to create you in their you know their image or the vision that they have and i would say like a little bit after. My first single came out A friend of a friend Played it for zac brown. Oh okay that's good. Yeah exactly And zach just reached out to me. This was twenty Late two thousand sixteen early twenty seventeen in this. Kobe won bare feet. There's actually four. Bare feet was even out single. And i think i had an ap out We got out that you had produced yourself yet. That was my first ep that i produced with quake so this was my first official country. Pop release no. But i'm saying brown got. Did he get the one before beer feet so it was one that you had produced alone. No he. he got feet the all got and Because the highway was playing tough guys at the time. And i guess a brennan Played it for him. He reached out to me just totally unnecessarily just being super hospitable and kind warm and it's also just a god that it's one of those things you can't really explain rationally. And he reached out to me in and said he liked it in. If i needed help. Bert i remember. He called me once Zac brown came up on my phone for the first time i know so this total random happenstance that lake is at ground is in your life. It actually did did happen pretty randomly. I mean we did have that friend of a friend connection initially but then all all the events that followed that were he did not have to do any back so he asked me to canal an open to dates on his two thousand seventeen. Welcome home tour. And i thought i died and gone to heaven and i came out that it was a weekend in june and i came out and never played for a crowd that big before And i came out played On the the second night of the run the last night of the run. He asked me to come up. Sang a song with them on stage. And like i said. I'd never played that many people before. Let alone now playing on stage with background band and i. I can't really describe to people what it feels like when actually will dream Like something that you actually visualize in your mind. Dreams of the actual moment is happening. And it's.

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