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I don't have a particular favorite college football team, but I know when aim them was playing that freshman year of his, I was watching an did matter who else was playing, and that's just the way was because Johnny Manziel was the most exciting thing of that day to watch. Did matter of Alabama was playing or my USC or whoever didn't matter at all we know is kinda Johnny Mandel playing college. I mean, you gotta think that it wasn't going to work out well for him in the NFL. But when he was playing with the Browns, he wasn't. He wasn't bad. I mean, we could say he wasn't pad. Of course. He didn't have his head on straight and pretty much couldn't focus, but the man made plays an did. Help them win a couple of games. And I mean, if you saw the team, he was playing with there wasn't really much talent out there for him succeed with. I mean, basically, he basically got Travis Benjamin a decent contract with the chargers. I mean, remember when Johnny Menzel came in all he was doing with throwing bombs to Travis Benjamin touchdown after touchdown touchdown. I mean, they even had a thing in that Travis. Benjamin, Johnny Manziel is the next best one to quarterback wide receiver do all in the leak. Of course, that wasn't the case. It didn't end up happening that way, but who knows. And if I had to give my say on whether or not Johnny Manziel makes him back into the NFL. As much as I would like to see a back playing. I just don't see it happening. Arlene is just like I said, Johnny's probably gotta play at least two years in the CFL. And unless he is the best quarterback of that league for those two years, I just don't see it happening. I mean, what is the. Let me see if I could find is exact age right now, because that's one of the biggest factors when it when you're talking about it. Let me see. Johnny Menzel, six foot quarterback. Is currently. That can be read. Wikipedia has a mess. Thirty four. But I know for fact that's not right unless I am out of these twenty five. All right. Turns twenty six in December. Two more years will be about twenty seven twenty eight. Maybe that gets back into, we just saw case keenum who is now thirty getting a two year deal with the Broncos. So it is possible. Johnny. Manziel can prove himself in Canada. It is possible he gets back into, he's just gotta make it back before he turns twenty. Nine. We've got about three year window for him to get back into lake. If it doesn't happen that way, the middle, never. So that's all I got to say about that. Like I said, I'll definitely try to check out Johnny Manziel on Friday. We got pretty hall of fame game on Thursday, so football back to back. I love we're gonna wrap it up here next up. For the fourth segment, we'll talk about anything.

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