Facebook, Steve Cohen, President Trump discussed on Morning Show with Sean and Frank


Time for our PC police President Trump upset at the number of there's a conservative purge and social media going on right now. And for instance, we had Alex Jones and Laura bloomer who are banned from Facebook and Instagram this week along with them, Milo Yannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, and James woods banned from Twitter diamond and silk have been treated harshly by Facebook. So the president tweeted out over the weekend that I'm continuing to monitor the censorship of American citizens and social media platforms. This is the United States of America. We have what's known as freedom of speech. We are monitoring and watching closely amend over the weekend. Laura lumber was on Friday. She was in the lobby of Facebook demanding a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg who was hiding under. And they sent the police down to escort of as Luma. Out of the building. It was a twelve minutes of sheer joy. And of course, they also now get this. They lump in screwy, Louis Farrakhan and call him a far right leader. He's an extremist nut is what he is a merchant of hate. And they now have tried to put him in there with people like, Laura Luma, and James woods and diamond and silk at all so Facebook really is. I'm telling you social media under a number of criticisms airplay, then there's congressman Steve Cohen trying to make a point about Bill barbecue chicken not coming to testify before the house on last week. He took to a bucket of KFC chicken. And ate the chicken. I guess to symbolize that bar was chicken. I just that that Cohen would eat his lunch. No big deal there until he handed at piece of fried chicken. Do a black congresswoman. Next. As you might imagine the Twitter sphere went crazy. Overwhelm. He almost choked on the chicken. Yes, he did. Now. It was also seen putting us Aramoc chicken. On the seat of the attorney general Seattle said that got bleeped. To believe it's all in timing. It's all in context, and it's all in reputation over the years of reputation of being a venerable newsman working in this market for a long long time. He's built up these credits. Yeah. He's full of crap you on the other hand. Me on the other hand. Look at least you can try just try it. You know? Listen every day. I come on here. It's trying. Most bill. Do it because you're not getting paid that? Well holds true. That's true. You can put that on the on the morning, let it be written. So let it be done. Chug. Twenty minutes after the hour and still to come. We'll take a look at Hillary Clinton on stolen elections. We've got Joe Biden Bolshevik Bernie, the president on his Putin. Call and snoop Dogg weighs in on screwy Louis getting banned from Facebook..

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