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Keep yourself in the loop of everything football under the golden state media concept's football podcasts. The latest news on and off the field be at college football ten. Sec big twelve pac. Twelve acc to the nfl with got you covered. Listen to the golden state media concepts football. Podcasts Thank you for to the gs mc football podcast brought to you by the gs mc podcast network. I am your host dj. Young's becker gin already man. I look spending exciting. Preseason that it has been a preseason is over and the. nfl season starts next week. There's a lot of things to talk about to prepare forward but this is a football podcast. Not in nfl podcast. So obviously gotta talk a little bit about some college football here man. I know i know a lot of people we focus on one or the other is very hard folks on both but here where we may favor the nfl. Definitely gotta get you some of the college fever with the to just we. Can you know have a little bit of everything going. Know who's coming in no who'd expect a noble we want for our teams of the future. Right yes i know. So that's what we're gonna do today I figured the best way to do. It is in tears. Found some good information on Basically who some of the best ways to describe the different tiers over nine tears in this episode And talk about you. Know where each team stands. So if you wanna was usually in the mix if you're one of those fans you graduated from one of those schools then you already know where you possibly are others. You may not know so see if you make the tier because i mean clearly college. Football is different than nfl nfl. Thirty two teams college d one a lot over one hundred plea teams so we'll see if yours make the top nine years all right so you wanna stay tuned for that of course in the news though i am going to just discuss a little bit of everything just was top of the news in the football world so you want to check that out before i get into it. Good morning good afternoon. good evening. This is a podcast listeners. At anytime anyplace anywhere. So i definitely love to cover all of desalinization screenings everybody. Let's get into it. Top of the news man. Something tough happened this past week. John harbaugh said on monday that it is a legitimate question to x. y. Running back j dobbins played in the preseason finale but he emphasized that the baltimore ravens are among the teams who play their starters. The least dobbins suffered a season ending injury in the opening. Drive at On saturday thirty seven to three win over. Washington tore his acl Ladies and gentlemen as devastating injury for any player anytime any point in your career especially in year. Two when you're about to go do a big Asked what he would say to fans who wonder why dobbins was in a game. Harbaugh said it's a fair conversation. Horrible den noted that dobbins had only played twenty three plays with a total of ten touches in three preseason games he said there are other teams who play their starters extensively including some of the afc north he also was quoted but there are other teams. That don't play their guys at. Aw they don't play their starters for one snap. We are probably as close. So that as we've i know we're farther down the road than we've been. We played our guys so little. This off season is just being how we've done it but anytime guy gets hurt you ask yourself those questions. Harbaugh said he believes Gus edwards entice and williams will fill the void left by dobbins But he pointed out the baltimore. Was you know you know. They use a a running back by committee approach and will spread out carries over three active running backs in the game. The other running backs on the roster are just as hill in nate Mccarey assay like any Injuries are You just have to approach it and overcome it all right so we're going to send our prayers in grace over the. Jk mayor really hoping he has a successful recovery and bounces back next season. It's always to hear When somebody has gone to injury reserve with something so severe before the beginning of the season man So yeah he didn't get played much. This was very unfortunate situation Minnesota vikings tiding irv smith. Junior will undergo surgery this week to repair meniscus injury He suffered minnesota's. Preseason finale versus kansas city are said we'll see how the surgery goes vikings head a team physician. Dr christopher larson is one of the best in the country. So we expect a good turnout. Zimmer denied zimmer. the coach Did not specify how long the vikings will be without smith but said he had not heard about a six to eight month timetable. specifically i guess that's the rumor. He said he did not hurt that. He said We'll just see where he is a lot of times. You can't really tell anything until you get in there. We really won't know until they get in there so another injury. That is a little costly to a team. Unfortunately typically recovery meniscus surgery could range from several weeks to several months depending on whether it's a similar You know something. That is a simple to fix or you know cleanup process or if it's just like a complete fool repair Depends on all of that..

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