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You can find him on Twitter at co, l Patterson other co hosts, Dalton Miller. You can find him on Twitter at Cowboys. Underscore DM. What's up today guys. So. I know we're not for not as excited this week unfortunately. But before we get to Cowboys football, Dalton. I'm hunting the good stuff man trying to be positive. I had my two days to be negative Sunday night all day Monday. And after watching the the all twenty two and getting all the gifts up late last night, all the all the negativity is is gone. After this podcast today. Good. Yeah, I, I wish I could say I was going to be there with you. We'll see. We'll see. I ended the last part being super positive. Maybe. The Cowboys lost another. I wanna call it a heartbreaker but it wasn't really heartbreaker because it felt like after a big play in the first quarter there that was called back touchdown. That was called back like they were never in that game anymore. Twenty four thirteen loss on the road at century league filled NCI battle Cowboys finish finished with thirteen points scoring. Their only touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter on a tape on Austin shuffled pass. But other than that it was a 'nother dreadful day for the offense. Maybe even worse than what we saw in week one against the Panthers Dak Prescott finished nineteen thirty four one hundred sixty eight yards. One touchdown to interceptions Zeke Elliott. Finish sixteen carries one hundred twenty seven yards averaging seven point nine yards per carry. And then Jeff Suame led the Cowboys in receiving, unfortunately with five or sections and forty seven yard. Words, and the defense really couldn't get any pressure on Russell Wilson due to the game plan. And that's where we got through this point where we're at now. So we're going to review the game. A thought we could start off talking about the offense seeing is that's the the hot topic right now. So I wanted to dive in the offense with Dalton and kinda just ask him what he would. He saw what he liked, what he didn't like in kind of just get. Let's get a review this game for the guys who for the people listening who maybe either didn't watch it or getting one watch it and want to know what happened, what's offense and pretty much that's. I'm confused by that. No. So obviously I've been pretty critical of back Prescott so far this year, and I said it today. I don't think that he played all that terrible relatively this week, the there were a couple plays that he left out on the field that's going to be every week with him. That's just his his style of play. He tries to be turnover of verse. He doesn't wanna take the shot that might lead to the turnover. Now later in the game he had to, he had to start making plays, you know, Conard I talked about this at a little bit of length today about that that passed to lake jar, win on what looked to be a y option route there and actors kinda made a bad throw. He threw it to where it looked like he thought, Blake, John. Our would just turn and and plant and come straight back to the ball instead of finding the open spot zone. But I mean the the offense of line can run block now a. Didn't block Bobby Wagner for ninety percent of the game. But other than that, one man while run blocking the, they did a good job and Zeke had a good day running the football. And this game could be totally different if and this is a deep to play. But right at the beginning of the game with Tyrone Crawford. If that play isn't called a roughing, the passer, we get the ball around our own forty yard line at worse, and then we're playing field position game that is in our favor instead of getting the ball at our fifteen yard line. And that makes a big difference with this offense at wants to pound the ball. But..

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