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Packers, Sunday Night, cousins town and we're going head to head and fantasy was a loser of these town fantasy match. Christian Watson on my team, 75 yarder. And a touchdown in the last like 7 minutes, semi garbage time. I knocked you out. You're done. I hope I win the title. I can vote you out. I can't wait. You were taunting me. I remember every mean thing you said just for the record. Well, Lawson, I'm gonna turn it around and be very gracious and just say this. Your team sucks and you suck as a fantasy owner. You paid $15 for the jets defense. You're bragging about it this morning before the game even started before anyone could find what channel that game was on, the bears already had ten points. It's $5 for Christian Watson. Anyone confused Bill Simmons with someone who knows what they're doing in fantasy because he hasn't won a title since I've known him and it will remain that way. First of all, you're forgetting about my legendary 2007 title, which I almost went undefeated. I didn't know you. 15 years ago. 2007. You made fun of me for paying $15 for the jets defense, but yeah, it was terrible. It's atrocious. It's like $10 more than anyone would ever pay for a defense. Yeah, but I still have like $11 left. At some point, you just lose the money if you don't spend. We have one more week in this season. If you buy a single white castle restaurant for $300 million and it ends up turning a profit, you can't be like, oh, look what I did. Come on. What was that analogy? I'm mad about the Christian Watson thing. I'm angry. I'm upset. Well, we went in. Because CBS, it's stupid CBS site has the percentages. And I'm like, it's 68%, 91%, 92%. I'm like, oh, I am as a missed tackle away from losing this. Nobody cares about this fantasy stuff. But we do care about the stupid percentages that they're always wrong on the guru. The guru and CBS never seems to have any idea of what actually might happen. He or she needs to retire ready. Well, Green Bay Philly was interesting because for a couple of reasons, one is the eagles rush for what the most yards since 1948. That seems relevant. Yep. It's like 300. 65 yards or something. What was the first one? 360 four and three O one was from hertz and Sanders alone. Oh my gosh. I mean, I had a 125 rushing and passing at half, which I don't remember seeing in a quarterback. So that was their resume for when it gets colder. When you're going to not be able to just run around and have these pass and run type games and you actually have to just play smash mouth, we can do that. I was stunned by how bad the packers were though. With like consort this pointed out, like the way they were rushing hurts, we have the blueprint from last week, where just kind of keep people in front of them, make sure he doesn't scramble. And just kind of wait him out. And instead, they're like flying at him. And he's like, cool. He just kept running by them. I was embarrassed for the packers. It wasn't the worst coaching performance of the week, but it was right up there. Yeah, for sure. And, you know, Rogers was hurt. I'm gonna give him a pass there because he looked and I guess it's an oblique issue, but like it was getting to a point where every time he dropped back or after every play, he was like looking down, it looked like me the last 7 minutes of every Southwest Airlines flight, like trying not to vomit. He's just like staring at the ground staring and finally he took himself out of the game and collinsworth and tarika like before like he throws a good pass like that Sierra rush as we low and love and then it's like, this Jordan love could throw the ball. We saw him in training camp. You don't have to pick a side, but we have to get crazy, but for everything. College worth was deranged tonight. 'cause he had the Rogers thing. He was treating like it was rocky fighting Apollo in the 15th round. Oh man, Rogers. Oh my God, my key can barely. It's got like a straight up week. He was acting like he's like vertebra had been knocked out of his body. And then Jordan love came in and threw three nice passes. And this is the Jordan love. And then he missed a wide open guy at the end zone. And it's going to sound like we don't like him. I love collinsworth. I love you too. His insight with the whole thing. But yes, that rushing to wide and that it allows her to step up. It's like, oh, now you're going to look at the game differently. The rest of the game, but he really does sound like he's been woken up at 5 30 in the morning by the children on Christmas. I was like, it's going to obviously sleep another day. 5 minutes. Those gifts are going to be wrapped, and when we wake up at 7, I'll leave you alone. I agree with the wife for a minute. Well, we love. We do love them. We do love them, but I gotta say it was a big misfire by those guys. They were making it seem like, could this be it for Rogers and Green Bay? Is it Jordan love time? Rogers just signed this massive contract that kind of no way out of. And I don't know how he's not the starter for at least next season, but I just didn't understand that. They were making it seem like this was like the last dance fair and Rogers. It's like, guess what? He's going to be the quarterback next year. He's there. Yes, as long as he wants to be. And that's kind of how it always has been. So, you know, we might see Jordan love against who was it? Nathan Peterman next week on the bears. You might get used to that, but it's only because it's oblique issue, which is obviously, you know, putting them in pain. Well, if you're Rogers, next week they play the bears, you're like 90 two and one lifetime against the bears. Do you even risk it? You own the bears. No, you have a super bowl, and you own the bears. Those are two things you have. Yeah, and you repeatedly remind them that you own them. And so we're going to go after you a little extra hard. So yeah, maybe sit this one out. I mean, they haven't lost us now. They're not going to make the playoffs. So you could be picky about where you're going to start the rest of the way. I think they're across off team, right? We can officially send them packing. They have some tough games ahead. Maybe the bears aren't one of them, but they would have to run the table to go 9 and 8. And I don't even know if that does it, because we're going to talk about some other teams that just don't lose, like the Washington commanders. So they're foreign at Chicago by rams. So they could win those two. That would be. Yeah, but then a Miami. Home Minnesota, home Detroit. The problem for them, I don't see any scenario where ten and 7 is in the cutoff now in the NFC because we'll Washington still. Washington's up to 7 and 5. If the season ends today, they'd be the 7th playoff team. So don't you think tan wins takes it now? I do. I think going into the year, what do we think? Oh, 9 and 8 for the NFC 11 and 6 for the AFC, but now it might be might be different. Like the Chargers might get in at 9 and 8. And like you said, Washington could be the 7 C to ten and 7. Yeah, I think that's a good, that's a good breakdown. I think we said it was going to be 9 and 8 in the NFC and that the NFC south team was going to go 6 and 11. I think we're at two predictions. But that's actually what's going to happen. The NFC south, you're so inspired. You're so mad at them today.

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