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How does he? Frustrated. I guess you could say. Done again. Flaws. Oh, oh, yeah. By the way, we lost the game. Got a lot of real listening to this the first question. What do you mean by real estate? Yeah. Well, the reporter tried to ask him that. But that's a that's an odd phrase. I've not heard that I own a lot of real estate in his head. So does that mean like he might subdivide real estate? Yeah. Maybe, you know, put two houses on a little piece of Andre Germans brain. How about a foreclosure, man? She going to drill for oil on that property and see if you can get the mineral rights on that real estate that he owns and Andre Germans head nutcase. I own a lot of real estate in one of your Andre Drummond takes that. So well, yes, but it's not the develop -able land. I have the land on the hill commercial, use only. Zoned residential real estate that he has in my head. I wear. In your own a lot of real estate news head you just have this picture of Joel Embiid and a beach chair lying on on like brain matter. Lobe alot real estate. I'm not crossing over to the left ventricle. Stayed on the real the right? Forehead. All right back with more on seven sixty WJR. Seven hundred sixty WJR News, Marie Osborne. The NYPD's chief of counterterrorism says the explosive device meal to CNN's headquarters in New York today appear to be sent by the same person who sent pipebombs to several public figures around the country correspondent Pam Brown. Reporting up five suspicious packages that law enforcement believes are all linked and one law enforcement source described. Why that is one of course is the timing. Wendy's packages were received we know the five locations, including the CNN New York bureau. George Soros the Clintons Obama's and now this congressional mail facility in capitol heights. Maryland, democrat Gretchen Whitmer and Republican Bill Schutte facing off tonight in a gubernatorial debate at the studios of channel four you will hear that debate at eight o'clock live right here on WJR. Former President Barack Obama will be in Detroit on Friday to rally for the. Socratic candidates. He'll be a cast tech five o'clock. Vice President Mike Pence set to return to Michigan to campaign for Republican candidates at rallies in Grand Rapids, and Oakland County. According to the Detroit News specify specific locations for Pence. Visit have not been determined as of yet. Lottery. Officials say there was a winner in the one point six billion dollar mega millions jackpot one ticket. Having the matching number sold in South Carolina. Tony Cooper is the chief operating officer for the South Carolina lottery. What.

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