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It's important to be reminded of general safety tips. National situation awareness day was created for this very purpose. So have look everybody tim. The show notes bone as well. If they're going to defend the police the new york millennial caught the couth. Cut the couth. Yeah that's what the kids are calling. Cove it these days who the my stepdaughter in new york. Oh bush's stayed in texas. Usually line well. She was not doing too well. She's double vaccinated fully vaccination glad that we did she get the vaccination before she got there she. She got backs to do much. Good now did it. No so imagine behind mighty about getting the vaccination. That's the only thing that makes it worth talking about. I wouldn't say high and mighty but she. She felt like it was just everyone. Does it do it to remember that we talked about this. Nearly days of the vaccine where people get vaccinated. Say i feel like kim king of the world's right yeah invincible. I think invinci- invincible. That's the that's the endorphins from people who've been severely traumatized by being locked down or scared by the mainstream. Yes that's why that is but imagine. Imagine my delight because imagine my delight. First of all you know. She'd lost her Sense of a taste and smell really felt like crap. She couldn't get into the started on friday. I think she could not get into the clinic. It was overfull had to wait until the next day goes up test positive. So imagine my delight where i rushed off fedex to send her a blister pack of Horse de warmer which we there was no conversation about is. It's like i'm sending you this. It's real simple. Start taking it the minute you get it which she did and she's already feeling better already. She has a little bit of taste back fast as fast as that is as thing is is directly related to the zinc. It's interesting because she had heard from one of her friends that zinc actually makes makes it worse. They make it worse. I don't know i'm just telling you what's going on out there so zinc there's a couple of things i used to have a zinc deficiency. Would you know you even have zinc. Deficiencies is something you test for us. Like i should have asked you this john. How would you even know that you have zinc deficiency is. They're good to ask it myself so Well it turns out. It took a lot of research to find ahead zinc deficiency but once i reestablished by zinc bodily content. This problem went away. When i was a kid. If you look at your fingernails than you had these little white clouds. Yeah on your fingernails. Yeah it is just a little she knew your cuticle or just in general spotted white little spots on your nail. Yeah but they're little cloud shape. What does this if you have that. You're gonna you're dead. You might as well just stay. Put your affairs in order to got that So you have these little white things. And so i did research fires zinc deficiency And so i took some zinc supplements went away and it never returned my story. well anyway. she's doing fine. Thank you for asking. And i'm glad this and you want her to do find yours. Wanted to have that moment. It's one of these moments. That i'm sure will never be discussed somewhere along the line. I'll have to say hey remember anyway. So i ordered Twenty more of these blister pack. So i can send him out to all the kids have because now we only have one between the two of us and then some sporadic ivermectin that we got in mexico. But that's really not this blister. Pack is cool. And i've put the link to the website in the show notes under either. We have some people that you you are this overpriced ones where these guys are gouging. Not really overprice. John like five bucks. a pack. five bucks is reasonable. And that's from Zumbado kit dot store. But i looked at those six six for one hundred. Ten bucks is not five bucks. A pill got twenty for two hundred. Twenty two hundred. How do you get five bucks. I'm sorry relation box. I'm sorry ten bucks. Well you know what john. I really don't care okay. I don't care. I think yes. Why don't you go you wait for your cheap ass ivermectin and when you're dying i'll send you my expensive okay. Geez man is bad enough with you in the wine rose to expensive this is life or death anyway. Coming up in. October is still price is this of course. It's coming up in october. The european medical agency will approve. The following therapeutics. Berra sittin ib greg. Navin knob and soter v mob coup. Doing marketing for these people is my immediate question. You mentioned that Tucker i you know i have a clip. That i should've had a clip of fact i knew of i never went and clicked tucker had a guy on some guy on his show and it was a a foxy expert or some bull crap and he was talking about alternative treatments for covert and and they went through every single obscure treatment including probably have to win. You mentioned and never once. Did he meant mentioned either. Ivermectin or hydroxy chloroquine really now is when out of his way not mentioned those two. And what do you think tucker did. I have no idea really you stump stump me on this one. He didn't do anything he didn't. Even ask. the guy bought it that blabber on and to the next segment. Yeah this is fox. Yeah but you shouldn't be watching fox. It's no good nomo boxes gray now. It's not it's always had a bear was on with tulsi and they had not all these people. Everything bores me right now. The mainstream is boring. people are completely disconnecting. And it's because in this lesson. Listen listen to me. You can force people to take the vaccine but you can't force them to watch your bullcrap. Aim five m stuff. People aren't doing it.

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