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To Anthony Sunday. After a popout Russell walked chase Peterson to Patou on base and put suck. It went to the left-hander Bobby pointer in relief. Unfortunately for third straight game pointer did not have his best stuff. He walked chance. Cisco that loaded the basis and with one out DJ Stuart that man did this three men are on base man is out your pitched number seven. This way way way again. Yourself. These. It is last two couple. This one is awful. Norfolk seven to three. And they would win the game nine to four last night. Anthony, suntan dare added another home run that game of the seventh inning against Travis Leekens and for good measure that guy you just heard a couple of long balls from BJ Stewart doubled and scored in the eighth Mike on the night. DJ Stewart who is a first round pick in two thousand fifteen still only twenty five years old about this epic stat line three for three two home runs. A double. He walked drove in seven runs that is about as productive of an offensive night as I can remember seeing it this league. Absolutely. And it's probably one of the two or three best seasons. We are games. We've seen this season at the AAA level the guy tearing the cover off the ball with Louisville and earn a promotion Josh Van Meter had a three home run game. This two home run game in in some more times on basis. Well, for DJ Stewart in also speaks to what we're.

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