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Town. There were roughly 11,000 people in attendance, mostly students. In some cases, masks not covering their faces. The public address announcer repeatedly asked them to get off the field. The university's president, John Jenkins, said in a letter. He was disappointed not just because students stormed the field, but also because of numerous parties before and after the game, he said. There will be consequences for the parties and for anyone who doesn't show up for required tests. Mike Krauser NewsRadio 105.9 FM, the latest count in the 14th congressional district. Chose Democratic Congresswoman Lauren Underwood just over 1100 votes ahead of Republican challenger Jim over Weiss, a spokesman for over Weiss's indicating that a recount is likely. It was the day after election Day when state Senator Jim Oberweis declared victory and incumbent Lauren Underwood said, basically not so fast, and now Underwood is slightly ahead. Both campaigns say mail in votes are still coming in, according to clerks in the seven counties in the 14th district over why spokesman Travis Achin We anticipate this going into A recount scenario when when it's all said and done s O we, You know we are still a long way away from determined the final outcome of this election. Underwood spokesperson Andrew Belknap was asked about the possibility of a recount and she says, we are focused on counting all the votes. Steve Miller News radio 105.9 FM President Trump says he has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper Esper was the second defense secretary, succeeding Jim Mattis, who resigned in 2018. The president announced The news in a tweet saying, effective immediately, Christopher Miller, the director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, will serve as acting secretary. We're gonna check out some low gas prices, traffic and weather together on the eight and Dave Ross all of that, Just ahead. It's one thirties white, clean, glowing skin on the daily meet news, saying, I'm space cleansers made with 100% natural watermelon cam, a meal or a tree extracts. Wash away dirt in oil for a little good, clean, fun. Everyday news. ST Ives Space cleansers. So question. How far would you go for a friend?.

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