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At ten on WGN cheating. Seven twenty Jianping Jane and the AllState skyline studios in four. John williams. We're talking Preakness with Hawthorn. Racecourses GM Miller. All right. Let's do a whip around and pick our horses. Let's start with our sports guy. Joe Brancheau who you take today? Well, we got a buddy named Brady stiff who used to work here. He likes Owen Dell. I know he's a little bit further down the line. But he likes the fact that he thinks improbable war of will might be a little tired. He also likes Owen? Dell's jockey Owen Dale, Jim what can you tell us about that horse at ten? His jockey as well, in Florida through wish got gotta boredom for the first time and they last race in the Lexington road of really good race. And the one thing about Dale his running style changed a little bit last started. He settled a little bit further back and then came running late. And that's how the track to Pimlico played yesterday wasn't off the pace type of racetrack. So Owen Dale settle early on? And I think he can he the horse that should be able to close. Well late and he'd beat another twist, the fate in that last during the Lexington another twist to paint with six to one in the morning line owned L was ten to one I would rather take the ten to one at Dale. All right. Dan, who are you taking in the Preakness today, bourbon war for no reason? The name bourbon war. The winner that too, I think's going to win the race bourbon ward. This is a horse if you look back at the race to bag was the winner of that race in the phone of, you know, code of honor with the horse or just moved up the finished second in the Kentucky Derby, the last race for bourbon finished courts, while the winner, they raised his maximum security who crossed the wire, first in the Kentucky Derby, Cody express, who had a really tough trip in the Kentucky Derby was second. And there wasn't much pace in that race. No bourbon were is very similar running style to own Dale. He settled back early on. He comes closing late, but the Preakness today has quite a bit of early speed in it. So you're not going to have a horse, loosen lonely in the lead. I think it will be contested bourbon wars actually my top pick win this race. Oh, wow. I like that. Jane taking I am going with win win win. Did you pick win win win? No, no, no. Pick wing. They may not have been. It wasn't. It was something else. I remember. But no. I like linguine win because I think it was Roger Roger pick win win win remember when women being in the derby, but. Voting express from the derby. But I like win win now. Okay. Jay, not a whole lot of people remember the source in the derby, because the horse minister out of field in nineteen. Win win win the horse at actually, again, the running style is going to today because he's another horse that doesn't show a whole lot of early speed. He settles back because his ground late and that could be a pleasant here and win win win in the Kentucky Derby. He actually raced into some trouble early on in the race when they were kind of pinball out of the gate. He actually got shuffled all the way back the seventeenth out of field of nineteen. Now you only looking at thirteen in this field today, the outside post really isn't that much of a concern for me whether he can win now. We'll be the one question Mark. But he is a horse that I think came close and can be in the mix. And I do think you'll actually get a better price in fifteen two one morning. Mine trending horse. And I think the Jackie Jillian Pimental will do a really nice job. Somebody used Google. I was going to take bourbon war. But since Don dead. I'm taking warriors charge charge and you look up and down warriors charge this horse barn trainer. Brad Cox Brad Cox. The guy who's just come into the scene over the course of the last five or six years. And he's a guy that very good with these younger horses. These courses that are a little bit more lightly raced any spots, very nicely. Warriors charges. The one horse that doesn't have the credentials of the remainder of the deal. He hasn't been running in stakes races. He hasn't been running even in lower level stakes races last one came in and allowance race. But they need it Oakland part that they just concluded with a very tough meat more charging those last two races was ultra impressive going to terrorism. It was the first time you've seen this horse stretch out to the front end cruise the whole way around and you're getting the hottest writing jock in the planet right now in your Castellano. Aboard this horse. He won four races. There yet. Yesterday. He's going to have to send the source on the lead. That's the best shot you have. And that's the biggest question, always mining can show some speed in here. Another twist of fate and show some seed. But I'll tell you warriors charge and clear and make the front end. He's a horse that's definitely going to give you a run at a good price. So the best you could give me as he looked good around two turns in a former race I can give you right now. Dalil really good around to terrorists, again, the credentials, you just don't know 'cause he has matched up the horses of Taliban will find out today. I mean, I wanna pull up its share and hang out in your brain. Dawn anytime. Over with you. It's amazing. What comes out of your mouth? This is off the top of his head. He has. No not. Remember, he said track need in east Peoria I am saying I wouldn't it goes on inside there. It's just amazing that you can just speak like this about all these horses. What are the? My daughter right now. She's five to second choice. I would say she she she's quick early out of the gate and then she tries to maintain that the holy on the front end but she's very determined to the finish. So that's what we're looking for today. Just for the record the two thousand nineteen Preakness Jim Miller from Hawthorne race. Course you're taking bourbon war at twelve to one bourbon, Warren, top, I think he's the horse to beat. I do like actually Owen Dale to finish second in the national that I still think improbable can finish third Improbable's just a horse. That's kind of laughed at finishing chicken those recent races this year. Couple of second place efforts ram safe in the Kentucky Derby. But like you mentioned Pete coming back just two weeks off a really tough race in the derby, was the up to the past today, but he will go off at the favorite year. The best of luck to your daughter today. You gotta pay. So we gotta get the Gondal after that. Get the gun Dollah, and if you wanna get a pizza stop by to she's pizza. It looks like I'll be dropping stuff off by the studio for you guys. Thanks, jim. Got I.

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