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Airside Molin data the guy hands it off to breed of reader wrapped up and take it down in the backfield. PJ? Aw. What the tackle a timeout is call. By the raiders. Well, Tom, you know, I I I thought that culture has been going very aggressive game the right here. He's going to he wants to go. He wants to go into very least fourteen to three and a half. And so the first two calls a Representative of that. I think. He doesn't want to have a mullets turn the ball over deepened. His no, they don't wanna make a mistake at this point. It's been going pretty much their way in the first half. Now, you see what he does on third down. The raiders data. Once I'm out the Niners have three have it needed a spend. It yet us check in the backfield with bollocks out of the gone on third at six of the twenty four trips to the left side. And now in motion is James he comes to the nearside raiders showing blitz moments drops back to pass James. He's in the field bid side raiders territory the outside of the forty now the thirty a to the twenty five yard line. Reggie Nelson finally tracks down that. How 'bout that aggressive again? A forty nine yard pass play up yard Opole slants. The Ritchie James that wasn't even close. He he he earned that. It was a just a slant. Play. He beat the defender off the line of scrimmage and then with his speed. Big big huge play. Now, it changes thing less than a minute to go. Now, they can do anything they want in their playbook because they have to timeouts left. They just use the time out..

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