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Press one to organize and overwhelmingly quirky and weird and then sets his sights on the national stage he was fresh with new axe got shaper from KQED and this is the political mind of Jerry Brown we'll get started after this news live from NPR news in Washington I'm David Mattingly on Capitol Hill today Chief Justice John Roberts will be swearing in senators who were preparing to serve as jurors and president trump's impeachment trial opening statements are scheduled to begin next Tuesday last night house managers formally walked the articles across the capital and deliver them to the Senate they accuse the president of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress the president continues to describe his impeachment as politically motivated and a hoax the state of Texas says it will continue to resettle refugees after a federal judge temporarily blocked in order from the trump administration that allowed states to refuse them actually Lopez with member station K. U. T. reports from Austin Texas was the first state to use the executive order to block or settlement efforts the decision was a huge blow to non profits including refugee services of Texas spokesperson Chris Kelly says the ruling allows the group to continue to do their work until this case is settled what we're hopeful is that governor Abbott will do the right thing in reverse course Texas has historically were settled more refugees than any other state in the country for NPR news I'm actually Lopez in Austin the inspector general of the department of Veterans Affairs is criticizing the VA secretary for his remarks about an alleged sexual assault NPR's quill Lawrence has more the alleged assault was against the democratic staffer in Washington DC last September when the inspector general close the case without charges VA secretary Robert will he wrote a letter to Democrat mark Takano saying unsubstantiated claims raised by you and your staff could deter our veterans from seeking the care they need and deserve the inspector general shot back that Wilkie's letter was inaccurate the case wasn't unsubstantiated Democrats are calling the sectors letter flippin and tone deaf on the issue of sexual assault that Sam P. R.'s quill Lawrence reporting state lawmakers in Virginia have moved a step closer to passing the equal rights amendment Megan Pauley with member station V. P. M. says Virginia could become the thirty eighth St needed to ratify the amendment to the U. S. constitution later today speaking on the floor democratic senator Mimi lock said as a college student in nineteen seventy two it became clear to her that African American women had two strikes against them being black and female still there are some women who say they don't need to E. R. A. because they have never been discriminated against can I say good for you it wasn't just Democrats supporting the measure Republican senator John Keegan said it's the.

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