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Courage glenn beck last night in primetime president trump announced fiftythreeyearold breadth cavenaugh as the supreme court nominee to replace justice anthony kennedy the president played it up he was he walks out by himself i felt like we were watching a man who knows how to create a reality show and we were the president said he looked for a judge that was able to set aside their political views and apply the constitution as written the president listed several of kavanagh's credentials graduate of yale he if he's confirmed it would maintain the court's unanimous ivy league makeup the president described him as a judge's judge who has authored over three hundred opinions over the last twelve years as judge on the us circuit court of appeals in dc cavenaugh currently teaches at harvard law school where he was hired by supreme court justice elena kagan when she was the dean there cavanaugh also a law clerk for justice anthony kennedy in ninety three and he was there at the same time as neil gorsuch he later worked for the independent counsel kenneth starr during the clinton whitewater investigation also worked as counsel in the george w bush white house eventually becoming staff secretary to the president he was also on the scene at the recount in two thousand he's active as a catholic he volunteers and soup kitchens he tutors students at elementary schools he coaches his daughter's basketball teams he seems like a normal guy players call him as he pointed out last night coach k no word on whether justice ginsburg will call him coach k trump said no one in america's more qualified for this position and no one is more deserving this morning i listened to the podcast from the new york times on it and i was fascinated by the fact that they were speaking to a guest who said to them it's probably the best most solid pick you could find doesn't mean that people aren't going to be upset about it but he is a qualified judge so those are the positives he ticks the boxes the right boxes he seems to like trump and trump seems to be convinced that he's a confirmable nominee rather than somebody like amy coney barrett which is one that i was hoping that he was gonna pick a mini conservatives were rooting for him.

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