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G seven? Yes, exactly. It all starts with the website, right? Because you are required to disclose what jurisdictions you're operating in. And if there is a registration number or license number, you disclose that. So there's all these measures and disclosure requirements based on regulation that you need to provide. So it's actually very easy and obvious for a customer to come in in, see, okay, where's this service located under? What license doing operate? What are the things that happen? If I want to ask that local regulation, if it's properly operated or not an all those things will need to be disclosed in the website and their corporate pages. Well, and all of these things are there even when you want to trade equities commodities when you go to any website? It has which section while by since number, what registration number, if something happens. You can contact for example into Japan, Japan, financial service agency. It has all these things there and if it doesn't, that means it's not regulate right. So it will be up to the customer's decision. Do I want to go with an unregulated exchange or do I want to go with brecca data exchange? It will be up to the customer. Let's go into a little bit about how your exchange works. There's something that your staff told me about why we're having our pre interview meeting is they talked about this world book. Can you go through a little bit about what using your exchange is going to be like and how it differs from some some of the exchanges that are out there right now. Yes. So I don't know all the other changes out there, but Williams bitcoin oldie or Ethier or a few others. It was okay. Every exchange had the same currency pair. And whether if you had to, you're not was up to the side of that exchange, but in a world where everything is becoming focused when there's over two thousand odd, unique tokens out there and you have some token, you want to sell it or buy it Asom price when there's no liquidity. Unfortunately, you can't. You cannot sell or buy it, and that's going to be a big problem. And it's a problem for the industry self and it's not only for the group to industry. It's a challenge for all financial.

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