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Is alongside Mary Walter good morning to you happy Friday joining us now is Steve Schneider Steve is the owner of Atlantic guns Steve thank you for taking the time to join us well got me here how can I help you so you're in your industry in the news we're seeing a port reports from gun sellers across the country that they're reporting major spikes in fire arms and bullet purchases because people are not just going out and buying toilet paper and water they're also buying fire arms or if they already own a firearm they're buying more and more we're seeing lines outside gun stores in California Oklahoma and other places what are you seeing in this area when it comes to buying purchasing a fire arms well we pretty much saying the same thing probably started mid week last week the business probably spike shortly after the president announced that travel between Europe and the United States would since I think that I woke people up to this is a pretty serious situation and ever since then our sales have been off the charts when you talk to people Steve why do they say they're buying a gun well I think well be many people for many people it's a first time purchase maybe they've been thinking about it but I think they're concerned for their safety if things really will become dire I'm hoping that's not the case and I don't think it will be the case but certainly people often wish to exercise their second amendment rights to be able to defend themselves if they need to now you mention first time gun buyers what what percentage would you say or do you have a sense of how many of the people who are coming to your stores right now our first time gun buyers are I would certainly say right at the present time probably over half of the purchasers that are coming in and the buyers are first time buyers perhaps they have farm in the past this is that they don't have one now and a feel like they would like to have something to keep in the home I believe yet when you see these first time gun buyers come in now I do they have the knowledge usually of of a weapon have they done some kind of research beforehand that's always my because I know for me the first time you know we we purchased and and really got back into owning guns and and I went out and I I learned about it first that I felt comfortable with it I think that most of the people that are coming in have done some research and we are certainly are tuned to arm and all my people are to make sure that people have some understanding of of what a firearm is nearing we certainly give them access in terms of reference and and and directing them to get proper safety training if they decide to make the purchase yeah that could be for a friend it could be from one of the shooting ranges in the area said that's about the most we can really do what if somebody comes in and they have absolutely no idea what they're doing chances are we probably would not make that safe in saying well good for you yeah I mean it's an important tool but it's a dangerous when you gotta be responsible with it know what you're doing absolutely a lot of respect for that so Steve I we we saw story this morning and then because you sell guns in this area you might be familiar with this but in Washington DC our understanding is that there is only one federally licensed gun dealer I'm the only guy who can handle gun transfers in DC is a guy named Charles Sykes and he announced this week that he's not doing it anymore that he's right at the at least at this moment he's not doing any gun transfers is that how difficult it is to get in DC and is now on based on your knowledge impossible to get a gun right now in Washington DC secondment whites have pretty much been put aside Mr Sykes is the only licensee in the district that can do transfers and for his own reasons he has temporarily I understand decided not to do any transfers now these would be handgun transfers so at the present time DC residents cannot purchase and register a handgun as far as long as you're concerned rifles and shotguns is the opportunity to do that for individuals in DC however our understanding is that present with these it's taking upwards of a month to get a fire a long gun that's what shocked and registered it's amazing to think about it in the midst of a crisis when people are lining up at stores like yours and saying okay I want an opportunity defend myself do you see it becomes impossible it is impossible right now it is impossible it's a minimum of one month out were you surprised to see this surge across the country in the purchasing a firearms especially for first time owners I would because I was no I wasn't I think which is basically how snuck up on us we didn't think something like this would happen as quickly as it did but anytime there is a you know some sort of social unrest something like this always tends to happen whether it's toilet paper guns yes people are concerned and as likely they should be and are you able to keep up with the demand status right now now that we're not wow any nation sales were very low on ammunition as or other dealers defense style bomb firearms are virtually gone in our stores we're getting resupplied that you know how long that will last night I can't really tell amazing amazing Steve Schneider owner of Atlanta guns in both rock films over spring thank you very much great to have you on with us this morning actually thanks eleven forty three W. mail Washington's mall close one of five point nine FM I can't thank you enough W. 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