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Ms well you know marcel eightman is a big big kid and young with utilize you like guys like mike gavin said you know a devon funtua some carolina these big whole gig 6foot4 sixfootfive two hundred twenty plus palm receivers marshall apron's that guy he actually reminds me in some ways of a devon french as you know his ability to go up and would at the catch pointys really natural going up and fighting for the football and the air he's not a deep speed guy like we talked about with jalil scott he's not really refined with his releases right now i do think like also legislyos got he's pretty solid serbs of his rot running but he's just not a super explosive super dynamic athletes so there's some give and take their with a marcel eight men but certainly intriguing in a lot of different ways i got a chance to go back and watch the alabata linebackers were shot evidence the senior started a little bit more buzz you know he made it into mel kuypers to his big board last week for the first time get a guy who's making the transition two years ago he was an edge rusher for nick sabin and that threefourths key play on the outside he's a big kid i'm glad he made the transition because if he had stayed they're out to be really worried about his ability to cut a move into the nfl's pastoral he's not a great pass rusher hicabi a blitzer from china time and i think i'll be used that way but he's not a great pass rusher so you don't bake you seeing him make the transition last year i thought that he was a little bit slow to see things the inside very understandable concern the lack of experience but now in his second near you could see start to play a little bit faster he's a big physical silent kid who came back from injury early this season a now is really kind of starting to hit his.

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