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California, George Floyd, Minneapolis discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK governor Newsom is telling protesters their rage is real and to express it but he says the looting and violence have no place in California he gave an update on the unrest that's been unfolding since George Floyd died in Minneapolis last week after a cop pinned him down he confirmed more National Guard troops were also called up for a total of forty five hundred southern California is being hit the hardest by violent protests as it works to bring peace back to the streets a state of emergency has been declared in LA and San Diego counties the National Guard has been deployed to three cities so far LA Long Beach and Santa Monica northern California is also facing more unrest as another day of protesting is under way National Guard troops are on standby in San Francisco where the city and eight others in the bay area are under curfew I'm in the office good evening fellow three Bob Williams and KFBK traffic centre crash forty north on ninety nine just north Laguna Boulevard this after its share dropped in late two maybe three vehicles have been damaged they pulled to the shoulder Sacramento regional transit announcing both bus and light rail service suspended over night part of the sacramental curfew that will go on through five AM that curfew also in effect in west Sacramento southbound five three ramp closures north and southbound five Jay street off ramp and southbound five ice street offramp those closed until six AM next traffic update at ten thirty one traffic on the tens every ten minutes.

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