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And jeremy stevens is produce would probably be his last fight under the ufc. You would think ca- come on his last against jose's a beep year twice and then qatar now. He misses against cameroon. I mean come on man. The target cater heat cater. I didn't want us atlas. But yeah gator. Okay gator cow. You just sounded like a qatar. Roberto air june traded get up to the co main event. That's a fight accurately. Could you get really winning. The damron and in spite mateos gamer gamut. I think he's gonna. He's going to be the brakes off. Stevens do i. I see a finnish deck around and jerry you gotta gamut and by a check to the head right to the dome spinning back kick kick boxers. Go knock off. Yeah crab bro. Do even the people doing the. Ufc website are lazy as walk. I have the The current picture the versus. Mary renault versus me should take combing event. And if you look me. Shas up. Picture is all pixellated. It's old it's shitty. It's reebok fight kit so it's not even yeah row and also is renault's but hers isn't even pixelated. It's it's good..

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