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In this episode was edited. Did by Patrick. A piano. Sound design mix is by me all amato long distance is produced by Patrick a piano and me by the way I know. It's the holidays and you might have a little more free three time or even travel time coming up so be sure to catch up on all episodes of long distance on your favorite podcast APP or on our show site long distance. RADIO DOT COM. Aw Please tell your friends and family check it out too. And while you're at it leave us a rating and review on Apple podcasts on the show site we've got photos and links to materials on every episode so page plus you can watch new episodes too long distance. TV The documentary video series for this podcast directed by Patrick Aquino. He worked really hard on those videos. And they're beautiful. Do say so myself. So please do check it out this season of long distance produced with support from PX and the Google podcasts casts Creator Program Music in this episode is by Blue Dots sessions beam song is by c light and the prisons special. Thanks to Jagmeet Singh Mac over at pure rex for giving us feedback on this episode. And seriously thank you so much to everybody who called and we wanna make more episodes like this in the future. So if you'd like to share your long distance story call two one three two nine three six zero two four and leave us a message about what. It's like to be Filipino. Wherever you may not be able to fit every story for your call on the episode but we love hearing from you and who knows he might put it on the next one? Remember with your story. Please leave your full name if possible where you're from. How how we can email you or call you back just in case you want to follow? That's it for this episode of Long Distance Weeks. Thanks for listening..

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