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Sunshine. I think he has a little bit more than two knowing there. That's pretty good. like that. Says a lot about his acting Earlier point though that he was dedicated in offer were wanting to make enough to actually going on stage was right it was it was interesting because it was only one. Episode of this bosom buddies. Tv show which lasted two or three years and The material we helped them with. And i was directing him and bob sag. It was helping right When we saw it on the show it was it made you feel good. That work paid off but it people don't think of tom. Hanks is a comic. No no yeah. I thought you would find that interesting. A lot of people don't know that variously absolutely because the fact was wilson an attendant. I have to know wilson. Yeah i i know. From wilson. there is is Many this was probably twenty years before wilson was even made but That's funny you got me there for a second. So who was the the first person that you came across that when you met them. You're like this person's definitely going somewhere like that. You recognize that. They're going to be shining even if they didn't know what yet at you knew you get a portion of that. Well i was lucky to work with some really good people that were already You know getting somewhere. Jay leno jerry seinfeld but i think the most exciting was that a good three years before saturday. Night live I had a regular act. Dana carvey in fact You remember the song chopping broccoli. You guys too young for that okay. It was on saturday night live pretty famous but he and his brothers band came up with some backup singers and actually work. I might club for a week and he was doing that song two years before saturday. Night live but the grill story. If you know who dana carvey is right went exactly. He was introduced to. I think my generation mostly through master. Scott it's not wayne's world. I was definitely not wearing world china's china's well here's.

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