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Basketball in studio this afternoon at Fenway Park, the Toronto Blue Jays belted eight home runs against the Red Sox that type of the third most in a major league game in most in history against Boston. 20 hits in an 18 to 4 win over the Red Sox. Bo Bichette, four hits, five runs, three Knocked in. He went deep Black Jr his 21st home run, which leads the bigs that part of a three hit game at Ti Oscar Hernandez. Three hits, two home runs and six knocked in Marcus Simeon his road hitting streak at 26 straight games. Like the Jays, the Astros banged out 20 hits as they topped the Twins. 14 to 3. Michael Brantley, four hits and four knocked in for the winners. Kyle Tucker 35 with a home run and two knocked in meantime, the Padres Fernando Tatty junior Grand Slam is 19th of the season that broke a 22 tie at Citi Field. NEPAD 73 win over the New York Mets. The cards have the time runs on base as the Cubs dip into the pen with two outs in the seventh back to Marley and Booth. All right, Jim. Thanks very much. Here is Ryan to pere part of a Cubs bullpen That has been absolutely sensational and the fans letting out of your Molina have it Molina old for two in this game, but a big spot right here. 1st and 2nd 2 down. Dubs two cardinals. Nothing and the right hander took para on here. Ryan to Pera is 31st appearance to eight E R. A is struck out 36 30 and a third, Molina digs in right side and the pitch swang in them in the threesome of to Pere Chafing and Kim. Role have really been the anchor to this Cubs bullpen had the opportunity to West to pair a lot. His five years in Toronto, cover the Yankees regularly as you know, boob, and but this is this. Really This is old school. 2015 2016. Brian Vera. Okay, He's been great you want is outside Ball two strike. Carlson's its second. O'Neill is at first Cardinals down a couple.

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