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A member, sport home, progressives get all were programming, including griss progressive or we're gonna break some news tomorrow old school by the way Tereza going to join us on old school right before politic on. So can I see this thermometer real quick? Yes, thirty one nine twenty three. All right. Going up nicely. Let's see. We have thirty two thousand by then today. Let me read some member comments for you guys. Alex writes in, and I'm not sure that he was saying this are cast or not, but he says it's weird that they push a bad person for such a high office instead of doing the right thing and getting cleaned, pick there. Are you familiar with the Republican party push a bad person for such a high office? I think you're being sarcastic because pretty sure that they already did that for the presidency Democrats. If someone came forward with allegations that. Democratic supreme court pick littered one year, like gun guy. Conversation. It's over that person's gone. I mean, they are you that, hey, these women are Democrats, and so they're not to be trusted. The first person that came out with allegations against Al Franken, worked at a conservative talk show. Again, it's always projection right anyway. WVU Libby seventy-one rights and in the member station. I'm so sick of hearing seventy two year old man say unfair over and over again like a five year old here here totally with you on that. Libby math mass seventy. One says when did not being on the supreme court means someone's life was ruined. Okay. Fair point. And then Tisch. ACP writes in is that twelve point advantage for progressive women too, because we've got several strong ones running in November. No, the twelve point advantage is generic democrat versus generic Republican, who do you want to control congress? So it it is not based on particular congressional seats nor the ass based on males or females, or it's just generic democrat Republican, but does that translate over to women? I who are candidates in my experience in the primaries more so yes. So for example, as I sell those numbers, Kevin Yoder in the Kansas third district running in St. David's. China gone gone. So those female candidates are getting even more female voters to turn out. So let's see what happens. This Forty-five, our little less than forty five days left, but I think they're in a world trouble. All right, and it was all right. How do Trump voters feel about the allegations against supreme court? Nominee, Brad Kavanagh? Well, Emma Viglen. One of our reporters went to a Trump rally in Springfield, Missouri to speak to the voters, and we're going to hear from them in just a minute, but before we do so the conservative media has gone out of its way to smear the accusers, and there are two as of now we have Dr Christine Blasi Ford who initially had the allegations against Brett Cavanaugh groping her without her consent and allegedly attempting to rape her when they were both in high school. And then later a Yale student who was a freshman at the time, accuses breath Cavanaugh of pulling his pants down and thrusting his penis toward her face. Now, Steve, Crowder is. A gross Verson. I mean, that's my bias against him, but you don't need to believe me. You can see for yourselves. Here's the way he covered the bread Cavanaugh allegations and how he referred to Dr Blasi Ford still talking about the alleged attempted rape accusation, Dr Christine, by the way, no longer going to be calling. Dr. Christine, Christine. Christie, Christie food you. Christie, let me just say this. Of course it's possible, but the accusations here could be accurate. Right? And we're not saying that all accusations of attempted rape or false. You have to balance the scales of Justice between as an attempted rape, some thirty, something years ago that someone doesn't know when that happened. While you stopped mid rape, possibly drunk and passed out. We're going to present the evidence to you and you decide, yes. By the way. I know you're saying just me no one else in the I labeled her lying hor without proof granted sheet at the same. But with attempted rape. Pissed. Okay. So we called her allying hor and he also accused her of calling someone rapist with no evidence. She did not call anyone a rapist. She accused attempted rape, those were allegations. But more importantly, there was evidence..

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