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Number nearly 400 cities around America play the day Stat of the day poll question, Although that forthcoming the NFL will release its scheduled tonight, although there's some networks that have already released the weak one schedule. It's prime time TV viewing. The networks see the numbers. The country can't get enough football and not exactly an action packed event. But they're announcing something special. They decided that this is the time to do it tonight in prime time. On the NFL network, and I believe ESPN, but now we're up to 17 games. So you go team by team prime time game. How will the league view the Green Bay Packers? Are they viewing? The Packers is if Aaron Rodgers is going to be there. Do they assume that he will be their quarterback? Or will it be Jordan love or other? How about the Buccaneers their season opener? It looks like it's the Cowboys in the season opener, little drama their overseas games, the league is still intent on expanding aggressively, The pandemic has slowed that down. In the short term, we'll see what their plan is for 2021. So even if nothing real is happening Once again, they found out a way to make football fans tune in the entire week. One NFL schedule announced by CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN Cowboys Buccaneers in the season opener Bears Rams the first Sunday night game. Rave in really now embarrassed fan bears, Brent Are they expecting Justin Fields to be the quarterback? I would've thought you would've had the Bears later in the season when we would probably see the rookie quarterback out of Ohio State. Yes, police. I totally agree I was I was really surprised. I thought you're kidding on that one. The Bears don't seem like a national draw. No offense with Andy Dalton at the home week. One Bears Rams and then Ravens Raiders. That's the Monday night game. September. 9th will be that Sunday night game as September 12th. Ah, um Ravens Raiders September 13 September 12 For the Bears Ram September, 9th will be the Cowboys and the Buccaneers. I was curious about the Green Bay Packers as I'm sure you were. And, uh, Packers at the Saints, That would be a 4 25 start. I don't know who the quarterbacks in that game we're going to be, But that is a prime time. Well, is this a fox for 25 Make 11? Yeah, it sounds like the feature game, okay? So this is their game of the week and the weight Broncos giants is also a 4 25. Broncos Aaron Rodgers hatching their bedding their beds. Yeah, Then one way or another Aaron Rodgers gonna be playing at 4 25 on that first Sunday of the NFL season. If there's an asterisk by that game is there or is that just they? They're separating the games. And there's the stars. Those aren't asterisk because when I first saw you, said Broncos of the Giants for 25 Eastern asterisk, and I thought Oh, well, Maybe that's if Aaron Rodgers is playing for the Broncos. And then I realized that every game there that the full slate of Fox games has a star by Yes, Paul, are you guys weird? Like me where you'd rather watch Jordan love play week one than Aaron Rodgers. Or you'd rather like last year I wanted to watch Joe Burrow play. This year. If Justin Fields is playing or or Trevor Laurence, I'm much more interested in Ricky debuts than old guys who have seen 100 Times Jags will be at the Texans stealers of the Bills. Jets at the Panthers is spicy. You get Jack Wilson and you get Sam Donaldson. Revenge. Let's get that promo started. Sam Darnel gets revenge on his jet. Former Jets teammates Cardinals at the Titans Chargers at Washington. Rounds of the chief's. That's nice. Dolphins Patriots that CBS Mm. The best game is Well, the Cowboys bucks. Let's take that out of the equation. That's a standalone game. The best game week one Vikings Bangles Niners Lions. Eagles FALCONS Seahawks Colds is tasty, Then you have Broncos Giants Packers ST The best game week. One. Removing Cowboys Buccaneers is seat, no counter, not even close. Hackers that scenes Okay. Jordan Love versus Aaron Rodgers. Traded to the same. No, don't never have sources are telling me that? No, no, no, that's a sources have told me that's a possibility. A real possibility. A real possibility here. Yeah. If Aaron Rodgers is not playing for the Packers, he's not playing for an NFC team pretty much guarantee that by the way, we haven't heard much about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers and I keep thinking that's a good thing. If you're a Packers fan here is Brian Gouda Kun's teased the Packer GM on Jordan Love Obviously, we think the world of Jordan and where he's going to go and develop. I think it's pretty early to kind of to kind of be able to tell you that you obviously with no preseason game last year, and then just the kind of the no spring but We have a lot of confidence and his talents and his work ethic and where he's gonna go, But it's a little early for that. I'd be curious given a preseason and see what you know when there's live bullets there. I want to see what Jordan Love is like, you know, on an NFL football field. And he's probably a year away certainly feels like that. Now you can ask players of two former players talked about when you when they won Saul Mahomes his when he first got there in Kansas City. The other one was there with Jimmy Garoppolo in New England. And both of those former players said You could tell right away that you had something. Now Kansas City Probably you saw a little bit more than Garoppolo. But, you know, former Patriots said, like you could see that there was a presence about him. That when he came in, like he wasn't afraid of the moment and the same with Patrick bombs. I don't know about Jordan Love. You know, the early returns were kind of benign. There was not much there to go on. But he wasn't even dressed like he was the third string quarterback and probably will be the third string quarterback. No matter if Aaron Rodgers is there, or somebody else comes in. Um Davante Adams, who's been making the rounds this week, the great Packer wide receiver. He was on Peter King's podcast, and he talked about In his gut. If Aaron Rodgers is staying in Green Bay, do you have a gut feeling whether he will be a packer this year or not? I don't matter. Just trying to be positive. Keep in mind. Don't tell anyone, you know, bring anything else into this universe. I just want to think good thoughts and kind of downplayed in my head and just hope that you know at some point just goes back to normal and We show up to camp and everybody's ready to rock. Wait. How does Davante Adams not have a gut feeling he may not have information? Maybe maybe he's foreign to a gut feeling that is, I have no idea, but in my gut, I feel like he's still gonna be there. I think he whiffed on that. Yeah, Paulie. It's like he was so pair up. Afraid of dressing in any way he can even just say Yeah, I feel will be back because he knows to be a storm. Why did the interview Yeah. I was surprised about that. Um, because I would think you would have a gut feeling that he's gonna be whether you believe it or not right now, your gut feeling should be. Yeah, I think they're gone. Yeah, Erin's gonna be back. You know, That's what I'm hoping for. You don't know something like Davante Adams just heard about the topic. Like you know, Aaron Rodgers not happy might be leaving, you know? In your gut..

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