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Chelsea one of our listeners. Chelsea road into us, because one thing that we're trying to do is also amplifies some life voices, black business on businesses, etc, and so Chelsea recommends. The mixing with Manny podcast. This is actually a podcast. It's also about Bravo. And she has a she and Chelsea says, I think the watch crap is community would really appreciate her. Perspective on all things Bravo. Which one hundred percent would agree with? And we also firmly believe we in terms of podcasting. A rising tide lifts all boats, so there's room for everyone at the Bravo podcasting table, so for sure go check out mixing manny also. Because it's really important to have different perspectives on all. These crazy silly shows that we watch the thanks Chelsea for that recommendation. Were there. You go everybody now. It's time for my Nisha tasting. The Nation drive around tasting dacians that delicious so Padma has thrown her hat into the ring of these sort of food. Travelogue shows you know like like the dearly departed Anthony de Ordine had gone I forgot about it's called boundaries or something like that. No reservations There's like there's a ton of them. Hello, diners drive ins and dives much thing. How dare how dare you, but there's a whole world of them. And so Patmos during one I actually love these types of shows and This is actually the abso were covering. Today is actually the second episode. in the series, the first one took place in your home town of El Paso. Romney! Did you watch that one so thanks a lot for ditching that one in order to do this one. You turn you. El Paso Hater. I hear you. Well, you know I think that it's it's what's actually really good. The the the big angle on this show is really kind of an emphasis on the immigrant experience and I. So far I'm loving the show. I can't wait to watch. All, the the whole all the other episodes to well I have to watch it while I'm eating because you know I'm trying to get rid of some of this cove weight and Just, show does not help. Let's just put it that way. Especially this one because it's about winners. And, so it's like a lot of Weenie eating and a lot of bread, and they're like. Hey, let's go to a city fair in Milwaukee, and then they go there, and it's just all like you know at you know animals, which is gross, but also just like the bread, and the pretzels and I know. I was like. Why can they eat like that? I mean they don't stay then. Okay, I'll give them that. Don't stay on this show, but dammit, why can they eat like that and stay alive and move? I can't even do yes seriously I. Definitely Watch this show after dinner. Which I think is the wise choice because. Otherwise. It's not like I had a healthy dinner. I think I actually had steak and potatoes for watching it, so it's not like I was going to say because otherwise I would have had such an unhealthy dinner..

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