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She was spying on john eavesdropping on all of his text multimedia messages and tracking his every move through the devices gps she was also stealing all of john's photos in one slightly blurred picture john who happens to be a police officer in a small town the southwestern united states is knelt over a subject whose face down on the curb and in another photograph john is taking a selfie wearing a dress shirt and a black tie a third picture shows and email exchange with facebook's law enforcement help team revealing that john was requesting data on a target of an investigation all of this his wife was able to see these messages and pictures including some of the couple's more intimate moments were taken directly from john cell phone by his wife using a piece of consumer surveillance software made by an american company known as retina ex that's right retina x and in a somewhat ironic twist that's offer called phone sheriff now it seems knows small number of people are willing to use this kind of technology on their partners spouses or even children yeah spy on your kids in fact they they come they have us michael team shield have found sheriff of rednecks also makes sniper spy teens shield it's unbelievable now this all came to light thanks to the the actions of a hacker who was kinda fed up with all this hacker calling themselves leopard boy which of course is a reference to the nineteen ninety five cult film hackers does occult film hackers look out film no i wasn't really aware that it had become occult film when did it reach cult satis i dunno known for me when we became a cult that's when a handled i may offense that makes sense set regardless okay so what this what this on a leopard boy i did was basically armed.

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