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Did you? Keep your spirits up while Turkey helped. May provide. Hey guy may provide a little boost. But frankly, my spirit's just don't get down. I don't stress very easily. I'll give you an example only they had stressed glasses at Southwest Airlines years ago many years ago, and they invited me to come over and speak. You know, the fella that was running classes, and he said to the class, he said, well, you know, her undergoes a lot of stress all the time her tell the class how you handle it. And I said, I don't handle it. I like it that was the last time I was asked back to the class. So so you I mean you were going in and out of courtrooms for four years. How are you making a living at that time? Well, I was still practicing law may not doing a lot of other things during that time. What's led to very long weeks on one occasion? I was in the law this for two full days and at the end of those two full days. I've went home shaved and one to a fundraising dinner for. South west airlines. But that's kind of the the perseverance that at the mandated to help get Southwest Airlines started while still practicing law and doing many other things. So what happened in the courts with the with the south west case, it went through the United States Supreme court and through the Texas supreme court twice before we could fly and the Texas supreme court handed down an order nineteen hours. Prior to our first flight when was that that was the nineteen June of nineteen seventy-one we start flying on June eighteenth nineteen seventy-one what was the flight where did it go? The first flight want from Dallas or San Antonio. But the one that received all the publicity went from Dallas to Houston, and we were the underdog it was sort of David versus Goliath s you know, not just one but three of them. So there was a lot of news coverage about it. And that's the reason people paid a lot of attention. To it's finally getting underway. So were you on that first light, by the way? No, I wasn't. I was busy work to make sure there was a second flight. Do you? Remember that day that that I took off? And do you remember how you felt that you feel like finally this is done? Oh, it was wonderful. I'll tell you the experience I had when the first airplane game in it was over in Fort Worth Americans hanger. So I went over there nears this airplane after four and a half years. I wound up stuck my head in the back of one of the engines and mechanic, grabbed me pulled me back. And he said, you realize that frustrate I or goes off it will decapitate you. And I said at this moment, I don't give a damn..

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