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Just because I didn't give them I think give her money and cigarettes and a lawsuit against the city over the Candlewood Suites is still ongoing. However, there is some speculation that Austin and Williams and County maybe working toward some common ground here. However, at this point, it's still speculation and no specific details are known at this time. Right There you go. Thank you, Patrick K. LBJ's Patrick Osborne. Here's my question show Spencer crocus, saying that they have 70 70 potential sites for these for these homeless camps designated camping areas. If that is the case, First of all, it shows me that they could have been doing something about this problem A long, long time ago. I think we already knew that but but also It illustrates for me. What is the point? Of continuing with this with this Williamson County property, this hotel, which clearly nobody round it wants clearly it is the wrong spot. Or a homeless hotel. Move on. If you've got all these other options that you're talking about, Move on, let it go. You think the purchase of those hotels were for the homeless? Well, you've been duped man, right? That's all about transportation corridors of the future, Using homeless money to take care of some other things on the side, Well, using the homeless community is a bunch of accessories. Maybe it further illustrates that fact. Maybe it it makes that all the more parent all the more obvious. Because there's no reason T move on with this. You were listening to the best of Todd and don on NewsRadio, K o b. J, You're listening to the best of the Tod Show dons here somewhere. We're live at 5 30 a news ready? Okay, LBJ. This segment when your celebration of life is pre paid.

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