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Don't Walters knew this evening. A five year old boy is recovering after being shot walking to a grocery store with his mother. All of this happening shortly after four. He is now the second child in the nation's capital to be shot at in less than 24 hours. Sounds pretty brazen. PC police chief Peter Newsom says it happened during a street robbery on Congress Street in South East. One of the robbers produced a handgun. And fired it multiple times by the gunfire was not the people being Robert instead of five year old boy who is nearby. A mother and a five year old son ought to be able to walk to the grocery store without having to take her son to the hospital. The boy is in stable condition, Newsom says. They're looking for two or three young men involved in the robbery. The shooting comes after an eight year old girl was shot while walking by a playground in the Woodland Terrace area of Southeast on Thursday night. She is recovering. Police are looking for 3 to 4 adults in that case, Mike Murillo. W T. O P News now to the arrest of a man who's been on the lam for more than two years. The final suspect and connection with the D C. Shooting death of a 10 year old girl killed walking to an ice cream truck. Speaking exclusively to w T O P. D. C. Police chief Peter Newsom says Isaiah Murchison was tracked down by U. S marshals Thursday night in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We do believe that he waas involved with a crew down Murchison was wanted for more than a year. And has been indicted on 22 charges related to 10 year old Makhaya Wilson's killing. In July. 2018. The girl was shot through her chest while walking from an ice cream truck in northeast Murchison was the last of 11 people, investigators say we're involved feels good, of course, to find the person that's ultimately responsible for that same token, you know, you always reflect back on the sadness of having to lose a 10 year old to gun violence in our city. Meghan.

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