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I'm winning with fifty point seven trying to make their way through the tip toe. You saw it by signing with Harvey college. An opportunistic move on the back of hog Claridge, non Jamie king making great progress. He spoke to us lost couple of days were saying how greasy truck can be in the west. He's going to try and pull side-by-side Komai contrary. They make it through the final Kona Nanette cheeky move into turn one either. So Ben Bailey, Richard Williams, you talk to Harvey Jamie, king frightening out for the final stop on the Austrian, but to go it really is going to be easy, Jamie. King is looking for some heroin as little rain the best we can looking at the mall team battle. We have Simon clothes all over the bag all dot and understand for eight sports or sexist and that catcher, the well Howarth and possession. The moment has doing fantastic job. Keeping with most of the PB one forty team bakes is the leaders the with through the bottom end of the socket. Still catching up with some by Marcus. Ben Billy has opened up a bit of advantage over wretched homes Williams, that's was useful. When you're signing the traffic via just falling at ten of the back onto the bike trying to get started underway. No problems for them again Harvey Clements now trying to make the way through the traffic. This is the final the final time. Ben Bailey to settle this race lead once and for all which Williams is so strong through the infield. Great. Drake's great just throwing bike around yelling flex turned five at Ben planes..

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