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Were drafted the rookie running backs trae burton to heath kelvin benjamin rj giovanni bernard to rico and jack doyle randall cobb sandy pixie really love or hate there i love the burton bic love the coen tek i'm curious rj with kelvin benjamin i talked about this on on the lascaux if he can rebound then you know you're talking about a guy that got ten touchdown potential but in this format though can he get to sixty five catches can you be seventy catches i mean that's the that's the concern and again ten touchdowns i think would be a huge stretch if he's he's gonna get a lot of targets 'cause i mean who else is gone is number two is eight jones and who knows but when she said the same thing last year though about him in carolina in buffalo and i know he wasn't healthy but he's just he seems lost to me and it's stinks because there's so much upside and i understand why you know you're taking him in in the ninth round tenth around it's it's certainly worth the riskier i'm just curious your thoughts on it you know somebody who follows buffalo in the nfl it's obviously going to be a new offense to we get we get brian day ball in here these gonna run maybe over there at her perkins thing that the the patriots run so maybe you're going see a lot more short passes a lot a lot more targets in the passing game if you're a offensive line is broken down especially using guys at center you're losing guys garg able to run up the middle as much so maybe due to throw more obviously they they didn't find tyrod taylor fit in their new offense they traded him away they're probably gonna try to get a rookie quarterback i don't know that he's going to start right away can aj mccarron feed enough targets to couple of benjamin to make them usable and fantasy.

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