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Accords was rolled onto the plane in the premier. Take start at rolling on twitter. People started saying who was dead. People were talking about whether or not. This is a satire. Whether or not it's a self-aware take-down of colonialism or is it actually just a product of colonialism itself so white lotus. What are your feelings about it. Can i just say that. I hate that binary thinking i don't like binary put me down rocking binary potus which is to say i watched that show on in one fell swoop because i had the screeners. 'cause i'm really important because i'm a tv critic and the show is actually not telling you to watch it as a satire right like there are certain satirical notes when you see the first few episode you meet some characters who feel like caricatures and then mike why is he always says this affection kind of arises right and you start to see for instance tanya mcleod ten for coolidge est character as someone with an inner life and so on and so forth and so i just got a little frustrated when maybe it's not frustration. I'm certainly interested in the idea of this shows matter relationship to colonialism. But i think it's kind of like a show at the end of the day and it's not supposed informing this takedown action or mechanism or appraising of the white liberal imagination. I think it's just like a little bit smarter than people are. Maybe diluting it to be online. But that's just my thought It's also to like i guess. The suspense of the show is the sense that all the characters will probably interact in one way or another and so i found myself kind of guessing like oh how will jennifer coolidge. And this kid. Interact or what you're kind of guessing like how these Storylines will intertwined. And i feel like that's more were. My head is at than actually met a narrative. Just because these people are so unpredictably in some cases self absorbed but also occasionally showing. Or whatever that i'm predicting where the explosions will happen. More than i'm having really anything smarter to say about it so it's more like a reality show you know. I'm i'm more thinking like. How will these people like blow up each other. I mean the connection to a reality show is one of the important pieces of the puzzle mostly because mike white loves survivor and has been on it and he brings it up like it's just i ask. Every time he does. He famously came in second on. The david versus goliath season to nick and i found the series almost sort of like he was just writing survivor. You know he wrote it in a yeah. It was him picking like a tropical location and he just loves characters. The one thing. I love about mike white's shows is that like he likes wacky. Sort of like you said almost satirical characters that sort of reveal themselves like the heart behind them even the awful characters towards the end. And i sort of feel like our mind was representation for himself and him sort of like battling with jake. Lacy character. Shane the entire time was sort of him replicating his survivor time and like shane. Winning at the end was sort of like nick beating him. But that's sad. I really liked this gay character in it. I thought that he was really interesting. And something we hadn't seen sort of lake. Murray bartlett getting to play a gay breaking bad. But i will say that i'm not worried about the whole like is it satirizing or like taking down white people because too many people expect shows with white cast to do that now as if every white creator needs to be invested in creating a show that is going to skewer whiteness in general i mean just what succession everyone as a show. I found a little bit wanting. I enjoyed the show. But if you even watch it as just a show. I feel like every beat in every episode in every story was eighty percent predictable. That's really interesting. I have been thinking of the white lotus. As a very ornate experiment and mike white serve because he's a really fascinating creator because this is someone who likes school of rock dawson's creek. He has made some of the most mainstream of mainstream television and film and people like at the same time. Don't really know who he is. People who aren't pop culture obsesses and then he's made shows like enlightened which i mean bring it back on it. It's the turn assange. It's the perfect time that's a show. Where like part of the reason why it was cancelled was that people didn't really watch it and so i think the white lotus is ending up ensnared even in this strange attention economy were mike wipes his shows or his films like that are much more subtle or cambier feel more art house are now getting an attention that they weren't maybe necessarily created for this so clearly an idea that he had. Hbo approached him. he wrote it. He directed all the episodes shot. It in one location four seasons in hawaii and it has both the fortune in the misfortune of coming out during a time where people there paris social relationships to television is off the charts. Because that's kind of all they've been doing for a year and a half like i've been watching people sort of get really angry at these characters. Paula is an example of someone. People aren't talking roth while now not politics. Oh our first of all you know you know. I watched so much tv. That i'm like what i watch it. I just be like oh you know. Paula was over there talking to connie britton. I remember care to by the actor's name first name well by the way this show is like a prime example of await. That's the characters name like when you said that jennifer is character named tanya. I'm like are you sure. That's it is tanya. Wow i mean going back to big little lies. I feel like know has the cast name right and renova. Renata and reese witherspoon. yeah. I love that slippage. You know like mike white really understands white women. He just picks women that people already have so much like spiritual investment in. And when you're watching tanya you're like but that's also jennifer jennifer heading out something like a revenge fantasy for the way that she's been sequestered by hollywood and the past thirty years like i'm read so into it. You know and he knows that he has me right. I was going to say. I want to know. If molly shannon has some residual rage which i believe is channel pretty well through this character. I wouldn't say it's perfect casting. There are pro actresses who do better the thing of like. Oh i'm evil. I'm leaning in getting in your face but how bad a personnel. But molly shannon just has a very inherent quietness. That makes the character a little bit more interesting. Even though i don't know if i love the casting anyway. I adore molly shannon but i agree. I did not like her in that role. It's sort of didn't jive with who i felt. His mother was supposed to be based on how he was acting but What were you saying about paula. Well so paula is. Someone who read hearing is maybe like too strong of a term to use but people became really attached to her when they were watching the first episodes because she felt like a surrogate for the viewer one because she was non white too because she seemed to be not as wealthy as mossbacher family. Who's kinda like a cross between like goop and the guy who lady. Ceo britain does she. Was sarah sandberg asfaw like theories that steve zahn was going to die. Shell standards knows.

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