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Less window headed down to thirty seven inland to forty to downtown tomorrow. Sunshine on the radar going up to fifty eight downtown looks like lower fifties on the south coast and Cape. Clear to partly cloudy tomorrow night, low of forty three Thursday, mostly cloudy with unin of rain and drizzle in the afternoon. High of fifty four and much warmer on Friday, we are climbing to sixty nine. WBZ News Radio ten thirty where the news walks never stops. Three fifteen. Good afternoon. I'm Tina Chow top stories we're following on WBZ radio. Officials in France are vowing that Notre Dame cathedral in Paris following yesterday's tragic fire will reopen more on that in just a moment. It is now day six of the stop and shop strike workers are demanding a living wage pensions and much better health care. Some of the children whose parents were charging that all college emission scam. Are now targets themselves of his own going nationwide investigation and a long standing tradition is ending at one of Harvard University's main undergraduate residential houses no longer v skinning and barbecuing a goat in the courtyard during their annual goat roast back to Paris. Now, some call it a miracle. The heritage director of the Notre Dame cathedral says only one piece of architecture inside a sacred building was damaged during yesterday's raging in ferment inferno, the high altar. Her which was installed back in nineteen eighty nine was hit by the spire when it came crashing down. ABC news correspondent James Longman is at the cathedral in Paris hearing, some extraordinary stories of bravery, for example, the.

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