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Story in about twenty minutes. If you've driven through the Orlando area lately, you know what a nightmare the road construction, is this morning's Gordon Deal has more on a massive project being undertaken in Florida to fix a crumbling interstate for speaking with Orion Campo Flores Wall Street Journal reporter piece entitled, the interstate is crumbling, try fixing the section used by two hundred thousand vehicles, a day, some of these numbers, you put together are just staggering but get explain the scope of this project that's happening in around Orlando. One of the largest roadway projects there is in the US at this point. It's also the largest public private partnership, that's been done in the Florida ever. And it is the, the widening of interstate for going through the Orlando area. It's twenty one miles of an area that, you know, fifty years ago when it was first built was a sparsely populated area and it now one of the fastest growing cities in the country. A dense area with office towers and malls and arenas and, and condos and that, you know is also one of the most visited places in the US seventy five million visitors a year come to see DisneyWorld universal, and all of that is moving through this very congested area and up the highway is just outdated.

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