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When you're circumstances pretty simple the cost of a will is a lot of money anyway because that lawyers time is so frightfully expensive the warriors spent all those years law school in all the time in practice and so going to a warrior when you have a really simple situation is why huge numbers of people don't have a will you want to talk alternatives yeah all right well i'm going to give you two there's one the you may have seen advertised cold legalzoom i would threaten at that on that uh internet today and how much is legalzoom sand they'll do a will for you i believe it was eighty nine dollars your close it starts at sixty nine dollars yet little admit federal player with eighty in that okay all right and so it takes uh really about twenty twenty five minutes to do the prep work filling out the forms for yourself on legalzoom and it is a very very inexpensive way for you to do a simple will people have been thrilled with the wills they've gotten from legalzoom go wiegert hurley care at your check it carolyn curry to work over here they fabric that idea kicker will i always mention that as a suggestion that that the compromise between just doing a will yourself using because the other alternatives going to mention is using a software program called will make her and we'll make her if you go to novihomeshowcom n o l o dot com you'll see.

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