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Yeah. One day on the show. We had a store that we're doing this with a live studio audience. So they share Mattis. The only one actually facing them who can see the separate room blinds. Pose awkward for him due to a story is like some percentage in England. This was years ago where they said like fifty percent a guy say they had hooked up with at least one guy one guy. Yeah. And they said number, they're totally straight straight. And and Jason was like Mankato mankato's or he said, Matt what about you? And I was like this is a waste of time. Because Matt it's like a mainly. I mean, there's no he's like, well, there's a hesitation, right? Okay. We know. And then we said how many he goes? Well. So he admitted to he's admitted to kissing five different guys while in. Well. So that's where that comes from. If you're just curious married nowadays having a yes, you left behind him right in his party years. Yes. Party party. Tim this go real quick, Tim what you hooked up with multiple members of a family. Yeah. Oh, Dermot party and days and. Hinder, and I joined up sleeping with the mother sister and the cousin to a girl. I was engaged to oh. What a gentleman same time, right? No, not at the same time, come on standards. Me. It was kinda awkward because I'd never met. None of our families went down in the South Carolina and was down there for thanksgiving. And they're they all or oh, so you didn't know you weren't like you met the sister and the mom my own. We'll go the mom sometime using tender of all places. Wow. So you just had no idea. These have all been one family didn't must be a smaller zip code or something. That's happening. More and more though, you how do you have any ideas related on Tinder don't? And if you do it by you do it by where you live, right? So if they all live close together in all single chance if you put your interested in eighteen sixty year olds half. Yeah..

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