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Ohio State Patrol is investigating the crash. We'll update you on this, as we learn more travel is down this year because of the pandemic, but people are still out on the roads. One Florida man was passing through Kentucky to see his family in Michigan. Even though Kobe 19 cases are spiking in the U. S. Don Melcher tells W. K Y T about 10 to 15 of his relatives will gather for Thanksgiving dinner. We're not gonna wear mask while we're eating dinner. I could tell you that much. I got tested before I left Florida. So I tested negative when I left Florida, so I want to make sure I wasn't bringing anything up, he says traffic is about the same as it usually is this time of year. I'm Suzanne Duval as a state works through a backlog. Another high coronavirus case count was announced on Wednesday afternoon over 10,800 new cases of Covert reported in Ohio Wednesday, though, that involves case is tied up in the recent delay in positive test result, reporting the three week average for Ohio now more than 7417, new hospitalizations and 44 new ICU admissions. Both of those figures are nearly double The 21 Day average 156 new deaths reported since yesterday, though again that may involve the room. Boarding of deaths that occurred previously. I'm Jack Crumley, and we're gonna have some college basketball on later On today. Xavier takes on Bradley. It's Santa's All the action will happen. Right here on 700 wlw. Starting at 11 30. The forecast is up Next one glowing skin ditch. The dull was seen eyes apricot scrub, made with 100%, natural walnut shell powder and apricot extract. This cult classic scrub cleans deep.

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