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W. J. newsradio nine fifty parties guys early this morning not quite as chilly as the last couple of mornings with the low temp your twenty seven degrees complete accu weather forecast is coming up well it's already different then yesterday morning it's thirty two degrees in the city of Detroit check traffic and weather together and just a bit here at twelve OO eight W. W. J. news time twelve oh six it's an update to a story we've been following a construction worker injured by falling debris Friday night in Detroit has prompted an M. dot investigation this happen the investigation started this morning on the lodge freeway near seven mile road in doubt spokesperson Diane cross will live on W. W. J. says she's not actually sure what caused it we are still investigating it had contractors were stop cutting concrete in the area so it it's going to end up being something that was caused by the work being done the walls are fine no problems with the walls it's the concrete cap that kind of sits on the edge of the walls and the his exact the the exact condition of the worker is not known but cross says this worker was able to walk into our onto the ambulance on his own the cause of a deadly accident in Warren remains under investigation a twenty three year old man died in the rollover crash and his twenty two year old female passenger is in critical condition it's a tragedy you know it's eight fifteen AM in the morning again they were going in north bound winder from Stevens and so it is an open investigation but is it is a crazy too young lives one is to see this one is in critical condition yes yes that's worn police commissioner bill Dwyer who says the woman was ejected from the car the man was trapped beneath it W. W. J. news time twelve hole it's time African whether together we do this every ten minutes on the aids from the idol dom older group traffic center brought to you this hour by motor city maybe let's head right out to the roadways we say good morning to you Tina Marie and good morning Stephanie checking those Tripoli jam cams we have a few accidents six ninety six Weston at Bermuda to crash on the exit ramp ninety four west bank rash another crash on that exit ramp in ninety four west when after Connor that crash is walking the right shoulder now if you are up and the rotor out on the road and you see something going on give us a call on our traffic tipster line two four eight four two three six W. W. J. from the idol drama group twenty four hour traffic center I'm Tina Marie W. W. Janie's radio nine fifteen already thank you Tina and your accu weather forecast now with meteorologist Matt bands who joins us live mad I gotta tell you I was out on the river out.

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