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You're right, Sean. It's evolving and it's evolving on a state by state basis. So wherever stay the tribe is in if they're seeking sports betting, they're going to have to either amend their existing compacts with the state or figure out something that works for them in their region. And so you take a state like Michigan and the tribes there, they decided to compete as commercial actors when it comes to sports betting because that was a tough decision that they had to make in order not to let the commercial guys get too far out in front of them within the state of Michigan. Also, the tribes in Michigan have very favorable compacts and they didn't want to take a chance of having to renegotiate those or open them up. But then you look at Arizona and they just signed a amendment for opening sports betting. So everyone in Arizona now can place bets on the Super Bowl. And it's falling like that across the country. Two of the bigger states with large Indian populations, Oklahoma and California have yet to sort their direction out on sports betting. But once they once they get that option, it is going to be you're going to look at basically 80% of the country is able to make sports sports wagers legally for the first time in history. So here's the thing though Sean, it's important for everyone to remember sports betting is probably one of the few games that a casino where the customer has a chance to win money. And you can sit at a blackjack table all day. The odds are never going to change beyond one or 2% in the casino's favor. That's about as low as you could get them. But with sports betting, we all know it would just talk into this roundtable today of Native American calling. So everyone has our inside knowledge. Everyone has some take on what they think might happen. And that's where the advantage lies and sports books do not always turn a profit. There's been numerous Jason where they lost money. Jason I'm sorry I'm going to have to go ahead and interrupt you, but I'm going to let you continue those thoughts after we get back from break, but holy cow folks, you just heard it on native America calling the executive director of niya says the odds on gaming are against you, holy cow. I appreciate the honesty. Folks, we're going to be back right after break. I'm Sean spruce. Are you a Native American healthcare provider, recovery counselor, social worker, domestic and sexual abuse advocate or traditional healer working in Native American communities, doctor ruby Gibson, will begin a 7 month advanced immersion in healing historical trauma. This online masterclass looks through the lens of a 7 generational recovery approach to provide powerful proven modalities and is offered tuition free to tribal members. Registration deadline is February 21st info at freedom lodge dot org, who support this show. This is native America calling. I'm Sean spruce. We're hearing about the big sports events going on right now from a native perspective. Sports fans, you're invited to call in with fresh takes, football, hockey, basketball, curling, anything sports related, the number one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8 before we went to break, we're listening to Jason Giles executive director of the national Indian gaming association and he was being real on gambling odds. Jason please finish your thoughts. Hey, I don't think I'm breaking any ground that the slot machines might not be tilted in your favor. But the point being on sports betting, they can just throw a number out there. Rams minus four and a half. I bet a lot of Bengals fans are just like, you know, we've been underdogs all year. Giving us four and a half points is a gift and you could really bet the bangles up if you think that they've got a solid chance to win the game outright. You can get some pretty good money just by betting them to win without a point spread. So that's why sports betting when the casinos it's not their number one priority because it's not a money maker. In fact, like I said, there's been instances throughout history, famous days and gambling when Mike Tyson lost and there's been some super bowls that were close and that weren't supposed to be closed. So the sportsbooks can actually lose money. And that's why at the same time you want those customers coming in to watch a game and spend the day at a casino watching a game putting in some bets here and there. And we have just scratched the surface for sports betting in this country, Europe's had sports betting for a long time and they've perfected the in game sports betting or literally you could bet play by play, quarter by quarter, a half by half. Once we get a little bit more mature market, those betters will start coming in, they present additional problems to a casino. You don't want to get wiped out on a Saturday afternoon because someone just sat there and they know the University of Washington football team intimately and they can just sort of know how that team reacts to certain situations. So that's your advantage as a fan when it comes to sports betting. That's interesting. I remember that movie casino and that guy was an expert sports better and he knew if the quarterbacks girlfriend had broken up with him and he just he had all the goods and he could make all the bets. So Jason, I'm interested. We hear about these big sports book companies, FanDuel, DraftKings, the big players in the market. How are tribes holding up or how will they hold up against that kind of competition? Well, certain tribes have brought them in to just run their sportsbook and that's fine. And they brought in some European countries to run their sports book. And then some tribes want to go do it on their own and just hire folks from either New Jersey or Nevada that come in and do it. It really depends again on your situation or you're more rural tribe and you don't have the population base where you're going to get a ton of bets coming in on both teams. So you need to allow for that. Maybe you don't offer as many betting choices because you just don't have that volume of betters. It really is win win DraftKings and FanDuel have actually been so far very good about reaching out to Indian country, understanding sovereignty, understanding they're in a different jurisdiction. At the same time, just because sand due on DraftKings are so prominent, I don't know how many people know that they're losing money hand over fist right now, largely due to their marketing efforts. They're trying to entice everybody to come open an account and put in a bet. And so they're running a loss right now, but they're willing to take a loss in the short run to gain customers over the betting life of that person. So again, this market is really a mature except for places like Nevada and to a limited extent, New Jersey and Delaware who have had it for a while. And tribes can take this as far as they want to go and let's not forget tribal casinos reinvented the gambling industry in this country. It's a fact the fact that you don't have quarters falling out of the front machines anymore. That's because of tribes. All these sort of technological innovations were because of tribes and mostly because of the restrictions that states and the federal government tried to put on their casinos and tribal governments worked around them and made our gaming some of the safest in the world and our tribal gaming regulators are some of the best in the world. So the limit here. And like I said, we're waiting on Oklahoma and California it's eventually get sports betting and those are two huge sports dates and.

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