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According to federal way police on their Twitter page. The suspect is a black man in his twenties in dark clothing, not much more information than that, but he was being escorted out of the building after he was refused the sale of alcohol for being intoxicated. A medical helicopter was used to lift a 30 year old man out of the area in serious condition and will continue to provide UPDATES as the story develops. The State Health Department is confirmed 3500 covid cases in the last day, leading to massive demand for covid testing. Finding a test can be difficult in many parts of our state. Almost Brian Calvert has the update. You start coughing. You're running a fever. You definitely want to find out. If it's covid or not. Every day that I woke up, I had a new symptoms. And I felt worse. So Julia tells Kxl why she tried to find a test for two weeks in the Spokane area. No luck, So she just stayed home, even if it wasn't hope it like nobody. I don't want to spread my dreams. I don't want to get other people sick. Spokane, Yakima and Wacom County have all requested additional testing kits from the state. Part of the demand comes from increasing covid numbers, and part of it comes from those unvaccinated trying to prove that they don't have the virus. Health officer, Dr Frank Velasquez says you can help by going to the appropriate place for a test. Let's make sure that clinical based testing is being used for clinical reasons. There are still a handful of testing sites run by the U W in the Seattle area where weights are up to a couple of days for an appointment. Brian Calvert. Common use Cowlitz County so overwhelmed by Covid 19 deaths that an emergency has been declared to bring in a refrigerated trailer for the body's county Coroner Tim Davidson says morgues and funeral homes are full, and they need more space until a new and larger morgue is ready next month. I've been the elected corner now for 15 years. I've worked for this office for.

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