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Exploded almost exploded like we're not the biggest show on the network that's that's that's the case or whatever but we had more people listening than we we're expecting it to and it just kept growing and growing and growing and we were really one of the first bachelor podcast in the sphere and then you know there's no there's like fifteen hundred like you could you could spend your entire week listening to different bachelor podcasts the i hear about them and i don't even like search for them it's very prevalent especially for people who are on the bachelor they really think that they can start a bachelor podcasts yeah we were here first guys everyone thinks they can everyone thinks they can do about casts true yeah absolutely i don't think i would have ever started a podcast if not for being asked to do if that makes sense like i just never would have figured that i could do that but here we are and i'm doing it and so it's an it's been really fun to find something that i'm you know that i feel like i'm good at in that i enjoy and has become really great hobby for me because a lot of things even if i'm passionate about it all kind of let go wayside like i wrote a blog for a while but i've kind of let that go we're podcasting i've never really let go because it's so regulated like i have to make an episode every week and especially about the bachelor if it was just if if i was hosting the taryn show the haley show would be hard for me to do an episode every week because eventually i will get bored.

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