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One eight hundred three six five four one eight nine and by the listeners of kqed with four partly cloudy skies at the immediate coast today we'll have sunny skies elsewhere highs were expected range from the upper 60s to the upper 90s and the winds will be west to southwesterly from 10 to 20 miles per hour san francisco today we'll have a high temperature of sixty seven degrees oakland can expect a high of 73 mountain view will reach seventy eight degrees a redwood city will have a high of eighty two san jose reaching eighty five and sacramento will get up to one hundred degrees this afternoon welcome to forum a michael krasny when counter terrorism and national security expert and adviser richard clarke warne the george w bush administration about alqaeda before nine eleven he was largely ignored news new book warnings he and his co author rp eddie argue that all too often the united states mrs signs of likely catastrophes he's going to join us assauer to discuss the science of ventiseri fading what he calls cassandra type of calama moody's that is who are the cassandras and what do they tell us about than oppression way things that we need to know and how we can maybe develop a better system for identifying and understanding the threats will also have his take on the situation in north korea and russian cyber security threats and i should mention that not only is he the co author of warnings finding cause sandra sta stuck catastrophes is former national counterterrorism coordinator on the white house national security council under president clinton and under president george w bush and.

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