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I was opposing one piece of legislation as versus another. I mean ninety nine percent of the candidates who would try to deliver that line would have failed and most host canned lines are cringe-worthy. I try to stay away from them. The candidates love them. They love to have them in their back pocket. I think it's a security blanket yeah i i. I agree that i mean. I also think anyone who wrote that. Lunch should have been fired debate prep adviser because it's it's so corny and so obvious and i i think to me the disappointing thing that exchanges the santos doesn't have some comeback for that or some way to kind of shove it back at them. You know i agree you see that but i think you see that less often that you think and rarely that insanely awkwardly i think overall this is part of why fix santos won the night. I think that vinik has style throughout the debate. That's like what we would call in. The business like sunday show style. He has this way of kind of talking about things. In in a way that's kind of really good for like meet the press or or this week or something like that but just doesn't seem strong on a debate stage and when he gets strong he gets kind of fakey and weird like the i'm going to veto the budget moment. Assisting my issues with vic in the debate were more on style than anything thing else leading up to it both in terms of the beginning of this episode but also the episodes prior in this season really set up to think that vinik was gonna just dominate dominate that he was he was the front runner to win the debate by a long shot by a wide margin so then when this is what we got i was a little bit surprised because how can it felt i thought what metric are they judging that. He's so good at the debates. I also think when you think about the arca season headed into this debate. I mean it is the classic classic situation where vanik is the more experienced candidate the more seasoned candidate. It's all set up for santos to win right and syllabi like kennedy nixon or a liberal like obama mccain or bill clinton against george bush and ninety two where for one of these younger dynamic candidates to stand on the stage with the more experienced more seasoned person like he wins by being able to hold his own with vinick and so if matt santos can stand up there and go toe oh toe with vinegar on these issues and even if it's a draw that's kind of a win for santos. Justice was for kennedy against nixon or younger bill clinton against a george bush. The blessing of lowered expectations just like an evening out of stature. There is a style thing that vinick does that. I like in the section where he says says congressman santos running a very brave campaign. I have to give him that. I relate to give you credit for that. He's actually promising a tax increase which is a brave thing to do because the american people don't want it and it's the wrong thing to do because the american people don't want it and that sort of repetition felt like a nice move that one i was like oh..

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