Loyd, Roseville, Donald Trump discussed on Joshua's Trail


Loyd continues blessing upon you and mail and all who work with you and this is from roseville michigan no real lovely give they had in there and we are up to thirteen thousand two hundred and sixty three dollars at count today and we're hoping that next week's we can tell you the fifty three thousand dollars is history and we can move on and trying our will perch in italy i won't delegated it to others to inquire about of the stations but if we exceed enough this time i will personally take on the responsibility of seeing if there's none other spot in the salem station network where we can learn in large and spread out wings because that i'm i'm not looking for a wide mira of a on challenged on the uh uh uh broadcast room continuance i i believe in almaa dares folks trying to stop programs like joshuastrailorg here and so we better make haste while as surety shot and then because it was dayton here because the bibigate babbel untold say they're going to be people is going to try to destroy so that's why i won others are quiet you know you can listen to the talk show that you can even listen to people who are on outside and they don't mentioned the the the priorities that i share with you so often that my agenda says that he america every time they speak needs to be saying it's a horrible thing to kill babies and i was so i wanna share a positive piece of state sues to overturn a new trump rule and force little sisters of the poor to fund abortion the trump administration issued a new rules protecting protecting not not protecting the little sisters of the poor from having to pay for abortion causing drugs in their employs healthcare plan now two states have filed a suit the fourth organization of catholic nuns to pay the drug now the trump administration this is our life news says president trump signed a religious liberty executive order that would protect christian organisations like the little sisters of the poor from being forced to pay for abortions the order indicates that the trump administration will provide regulatory relief for religious is to obamacare's burdensome prevent of service mandate a position supported by the supreme court to season in hobby lobby however but however even after the trump administration of.

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