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Freefall ride which is taller than the Statue of Liberty will remain closed indefinitely It's 8 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Jack now on the traffic center It was described as dirt kind of a debris spill in Maryland on 50 trying to get into Annapolis as you ride westbound up onto the severn river bridge That's where right now single file left is getting by the clean up Maryland state authorities are on scene George avenue southbound Rockville down after 28 crash has a left lane getting by There was a vehicle broken down It was on the south BW Parkway between one 75 and NSA It had been in the right lane Also we'd had downed wires unclear if you're still under direction One 98 up near old Columbia pike just be careful in burtonsville if you've got any limited lanes there We do have limited lanes on the ICC going eastbound out in your lay hill road You've got the right lane getting by that crash A truck was overturned in new market 70 westbound at exit 62 stay left to get by there Now you'll find in Virginia 95 north near the centerport Parkway we'd had an earlier crash it was over on the shoulder still grabbing delays unfortunately it's still slow before route three 50 east and fairfax the ram to go east on 66 one broken down on the left lane of two old Yates Ford rode up near kinsale road tree trimming going on already traffic is alternating at scene Unclear if it's there but we've got to slow down three 95 north waze users had reported a crash after king street the delay seems to ease as you approach king streets and maybe that earlier wreck is gone We had an earlier crash on 66 west after the beltway that had been along the left side I believe that's gone So you should find your lanes open riding in the district We'd been slow very slow D.C. two 95 south the crash after east capital street had been blocking that far left lane staying right to get by There had been reports of a wreck on the freeway east near 11th street southeast at one C district authorities were there headed to the scene Transform your smile with G four by gopas precision implant dentistry technology schedule your consultation today and get 5% off your procedure Visit G four by gopa dot com Jack Taylor WTO P traffic And Samara theater has our forecast ASMR Hey everyone Wow what a beautiful day and what a difference a day makes As we head throughout your Tuesday high temperatures will rise into the low to mid 50s you'll notice though that it's still pretty breezy out there areas to the west still coming off of a freeze warning So it's a.

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