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It's the weight room whether it's pre hab stuff You know the band program beforehand and Corey could probably speak a lot more to it but I know they spend a lot of time on those specific things to make sure that they're staying healthy But I think again it goes back to what I said about the player individually. You have to learn kind of what they do in in how their body works before you can just put one. Blanket pre had type A routine together one one ban routine together. I think it's different for everybody. I'm sure it becoming a challenge Trying to individualize ever because I think that's becoming. The norm heard that from so many different people that even pro balls becoming more than norm that we're GonNa let you be more of yourself and try to figure out what's best for you rather than just everyone organization now. Obviously there's you know a lot of give and take I think in pro ball just speak on at like when I played in even now I see the way program. They're they're just so scared to hurt somebody. The the weight off season weight programs in the things that are happening. They're they're just so scared of hurts. There's there's not the advancement in that at that level. There should be you know you read about Trevor Bauer. Because he's a psycho and what he does drive line and other places but you know otherwise. You're getting away program and you're looking at it like what I was doing this in like ninth grade. You know what I'm doing and it's all because of you know. I know there's a lot of money involved in baseball. Trust me. But they're going back to their colleges or wherever and they're absolutely getting after you know so even at the pro level it's just it's just not where it needs to be as far as you know marrying those together so we'll see what happens. Yeah that's a good point. No-one no-one taught about when you when you go away for the you know you have your exit. Meeting ended the season with strength guy. And he gives you the packet and you look at it and it says three days a week for twenty minutes working out or You know and a lot of it too in my opinion. Is that a lot of these guys. You know that aren't from the. Us have never been introduced to the weight room like they have no idea what it is and to give those guys a full-on you know a full on weight program. Six five six days a week. That may be a A four year college guy would have had. That's you know even to me. It sounds absurd. These guys have no idea. What some of these exercises are. Even if they're paying attention you know even if they're diligent during the season I mean there's a language barrier. There's there's an equipment issue you know. Some of these guys come from very poor parts of the world. They're not working with You know that's it's kind of like what you were experiencing now in the US. You know. You're on lockdown. You're trying to figure out how to work out in your basement with limited resources. That's pretty much the life for some of these guys so I don't think on those those programs I can remember getting them and just toss them. It's like this is. This is my warm up in pro for for my normal offseason and I can't speak to every organization. They're trying to do good things and I'm sure there's some really good people out there you know there's a lot a lot of stuff going on but you're exactly right like you know were we. We give a program right now during the grown of ours to every single one of our kids. It's different base off the equipment. They have in their basement or what they have access to so I would be any different with a guy that could earn three hundred million dollars in a contract at the next level. You know what I mean. So and maybe they're doing that now. You know so. I don't want to speak to early on it but you know that's the type of detail what I still think is great about college baseball. Is that very detailed intricate development on many different levels to to almost like eight major league baseball by the time they get drafted because you're so far advanced emotionally physically yet and you know I keep in touch with some of these strength guys we had and these guys are great guys they know Allott and they they understand that it's like this isn't what she's going to get you to the next level this is just to give you a somewhat of a base to keep you active not to get hurt not to get her and then you touched on something a little bit you. Know College. Baseball's a Segue to professional baseball. Like you're given these guys up So that's sparks question for me. How much do you guys like to have? Four guys seniors in high school as opposed to maybe two year guys at Junior College Priest junior college lots of Mike is as good development You know somewhere you can go play right away you know. Where do you guys follow? You Recruiting Junior College. Heavy area. Recruited for need you know. Do you know how. How active are you on the junior college recruiting? Well I think when it comes when I'm recruiting high school guys right. We try to invest in our guys in develop them and what I mean by that is a kid comes in and he struggles his freshman year are not just GonNa immediately go to do Co. to try to sell that you know what I mean. So we've never really been huge on. The JUKU will fill a need a based off the draft or something. That's lost. I think it's a good tool like that. And and I don't have anything against people that are Juku heavy but Maryland's top fifteen public school in the country and it's it's a very very high academic school now. So you know we try to think gives us an edge when we recruit right when we only have three players in class? You know it's like hey man we're investing in you. We're going to develop you and it's up to you to Kinda take the bull by the Horn so you have to use. Juca with the drafts But we we use it more to sell needs than than just like a abandoned for everything else. I think it's a great option for several players depending on your situation and especially right. Now there's going to have to be some guys that with the roster limits next couple of years in Division One baseball that net really are just gonNa have to kind of bet on themselves And just Kinda grind through it so. I think it's a great option. I you know just for us we. We try to invest in the guys in keep that Culture Camaraderie for guys at her through the program as many years as we can have. Gotcha so if you're just tuning in we're here with Matt swope of the University of Maryland If you're on twitter or youtube you can were monitoring the live chats question. Definitely launched in and. We'll we'll ask Matt here so I do one or you matt. It's about foreign recruiting. So it seems like Nelson is a a pretty smart guy he is. He's as if kids similar level of capabilities. One has a much higher. Sat score from overseas Any preference between the domestic and foreign kid. Obviously I'm sure it's a lot harder to recruit overseas all. Add to this question. Are you guys doing any foreign recruiting and what are the challenges in recruiting a player from outside the US? While I mean first of all it's it always comes down to finances right so even domestically you have in state tuition out of state tuition. Okay so That's a big part of it if it guys foreign depending away from like. I'm recruiting a candidate right now. What's the government subsidy for? That is a program that he can get financial aid for a in the United States. So it's it's a very difficult intricate system because it state by state and it's also by country so yes we. We've recruited foreign players on. It's not as likely especially in the warm countries because they just get drafted but we a kid from Vancouver a couple years ago. That was all big ten hours on the phone with Canadian kid yesterday. Actually a two thousand twenty two so we do it. It's just not not as likely just because you know if you think about in terms of the United States where my footprints pretty much from Maryland up to New York to Connecticut. And we'll get some Boston guys and stuff like that right. You know. That's my footprint. I don't even really recruit in Virginia because we don't have border tuition. There's ten division one schools in Kenya. Gotcha that makes sense. It's five one if by Maryland State so I think it's a case by case basis. But yes what will recruit? We're always trying to find the best player so whatever it takes is it is a tough 'cause I've one example like there's a kid Awesome like awesome human being like the kind of kid you'd want on your program no matter what program you are. He's from the Dominican Republic. And he was going to an American High School and it was tough because that was the second language Trying to pass his classes in a good American Private school so I mean you can imagine. Har that if I tried to pass a good high school in Spanish whether you're a really intelligent or average intelligence can be super hard so he. He passed his class. But it was difficult And he's a he's an American Juku right now But one of the challenges that he talked about and he's an amazing story. He's going to be successful. I hope he's listening is probably not but great. Great human being but he comes from the Dominican Republic where he knew he wasn't GonNa get signed at sixteen as a position player right. He just missed that window so that points. Either I'm done with baseball essentially Which is which is sad down there because so many of those kids at fifteen sixteen seventeen so good could easily play division one baseball keep their career going but they don't have that access because a lot of them the academics. Aren't there like a lot of this gets aren't going to school on a regular basis. They wouldn't be able to hack it in America but he's smart enough so anyway he came over Passed his high school got his diploma. Is Junior College But if you guys at an obviously you explain your footprints a lot smaller but have you heard much about division. One baseball recruiting from any of these Latin countries or is that a is is a kind of off limits because of the academic side of it. Yeah I think that that's that's just kind of common sense. Manson what you hit the nail on the head like if I went to Spanish speaking country or something like that. I would struggle. Enslave doesn't matter how smart yeah. I think you know what the Major League Baseball does do. A good job with that. They had these academies and other countries where they're not only trying to give them a place to play baseball but educate them as well. It may not be specifically an English. But I think that's helping development now if the college model went to that where we had that type of maybe segue into that it would help but I think which are always gonna find with the language barrier is. When something's hard it adds stress and college kids are so stressed as it. Is You know you add that pressure on you know from a foreign kid that may not be as first language I it just GONNA probably cause a lot more problems so you know. I think the model right now that they have their major league baseball has proven to develop really good players. And you know. I know that they're doing a better job. Educating them you know with classes and stuff like that integrate them into our society when they get here but it's just such a much more difficult thing for college because colleges don't care about baseball. I mean they're they're institutions of higher learning. That's what they are. So you know the the you know. These are people that have worked their entire lives to try to get into Maryland. That sometimes don't so I think you gotTa keep that in mind when we're talking about like The nuances inspe-.

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