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We before how do you think that alabama did running wise. I'd have to look at the stats. I mean seems it seemed fine. The numbers surprise me. They had ninety one rushing yards. Yeah well they don't have. They don't have the typical alabama workhorse running back anymore. Like nausea harris was the best running back country bryan. Just a guy and alabama fans can get mad at me but he's just a guy who's been there six years he's never been the starter he's just a guy james mcclellan. We'll be good not there yet. It technology harris a couple of a year to get there. So they'll horses. They'll by the end of the year. They'll have somebody running for one hundred yards game right now. They don't have but with with bryce young though and back and forth we were all talking shit but like you say he. Can't you know he can't throw it in. And then he would make an incredible pass. He's still kinda shaking off out like sometimes he he overthrows or under throats and then sometimes he threads that needle right to the guy that he needs. I think as the season progresses that his evolution and his maturity like those really good plays he makes. We're gonna see more and more of those so prince date twenty eight auburn twenty Just a i'm just going to say it. I think we have finally gotten to the point. And they're probably tired of hearing. And i'm sure they're trying to hear it. But i have gotten to the point where i can look penn state game. It's just not even think about the crap at all the off field. Yeah i don't i i. Maybe wasn't been twelve years now ten years. It's been a long time. It's been a long time. And now i can. Finally i can honestly say that game tonight. And i never once thought i kind of feel the skis. You're watching this because your period. When i felt that way of course of course well i mean the the whole system. That was in place is not there to even talk about right correct but i do think that there is. There's always that and of course working where we do and it gets thrown around in conversation. It does remind but i think that it's not even fair. It's like jesse. Low is sitting with us and he was around during that time and now he's like i don't i don't even want to remember it so it's not like whatever. This penn state team is not the same penn. State team had that there are three zero. And they've beaten harangued. Sec team and we'll see we'll see how that ends up going for auburn. I still don't think has any good at all. I think tank bixby's fantastic auburn's got a lot of dudes but they don't have a dude at quarterback you you are so confident that at the end of the game. Katie and i were sweating it out. She was sweating out. The under and i was sweating out. Penn state plus or minus six. And i told you that has the ball don't worldview told me an and i quote all of eleven penn state defenders could get off the field. And you still don't think next getting up in the end. That's what i said. They were the forty yard line. I said penn state's eleven defenders could leave right now they would not score. Didn't score but and i also said i said the last play i was like i i'll bet you. There's a ten yard period between the goal line in the end zone. The he has to throw this ball and he won't be able to hit it then. Yeah you said he would either throw a twenty two yard line or the first row of the stands into like the six. Yeah he i guess you know. Let's not hate on the guy too much. 'cause he did have. Oh i mean you gotta stay on the game and and zehr. So if you're if you're still auburn fan and there's probably enough positive there with bonex to To feel okay but ultimately this night wasn't about auburn and it wasn't about bo knicks. It was about penn state national spotlight hundred and ten thousand people. And now what would they number ten. Surely they'll shoot. They'll be up to probably the number seven or eight range. I imagine they might hot notre dame they might they might even hop cincinnati at this point They'll they'll they're gonna be legit top ten team and one that will have earned it and again. You can't say enough about the crowd. The crowd played a huge huge part of it. But i want to give credit to sean clifford. Because i feel like when after. They played wisconsin. I mean he didn't have you know the best game of all time but he didn't have a great game either. It was like well. It was penn. State's defense that just gave grammar and not offense in wisconsin. Just a lot of hell but sean clifford was twenty eight of thirty two today for. I mean you only at two hundred and eighty yards two touchdowns. He's extremely efficient and he made the plays when he needed to. And that was something that i didn't necessarily think we would see sean clifford. The third big game to to really talk about is. I don't know how to say this now. Cincinnati we we've discussed can can make the playoffs. Can they do this. I forget about the fact they won the game. I just don't think that teams good enough. They look ugly. They were able luckily for them. Michael is terrible. I mean make mcfadden talked. If michael was an average quarterback indiana's celebrating tonight and probably celebrating a relatively easy like indiana down to the five to ten yard line on several occasions. And there were. I think two interceptions and they couldn't score down there. Indiana did everything but when that game but this isn't really about indiana's about cincinnati cincinnati is number eight in the country and they have nfl dudes all over the field and they got a quarterback who wants to be in the heisman trophy race. I don't know man like they ended up winning about fourteen. And i guess that's all that matters road and you win by fourteen. That's all that matters but it was sure ugly but when you watch desmond ritter in the first half of that game. He was on the struggle bus. He looked awful now he he came back to form in the second half but throughout the first half of that game like what the hell is going on with this kid i mean. He looked like he'd never played football before it wasn't good now. Credit to them they had the kickoff return in the third quarter the kind of set things right and kind of got him back But again. I don't know i i. I look at that team and they survived. And that's all you can ask. But i certainly didn't see a team that i is going to stay on the field with even the ohio states and oklahoma's struggle this year but certainly not the not not the georgia's and the alabama's no and you do have to give him credit. We give them credit because in the second half they did they did look a lot better and like you said if michael was even average as all the time it might be different. But i don't i just don't even before tonight and now this is no knock against cincinnati. This more a knock. Against the way. That the i think the college football playoff would've been. It's only four teams like i think cincinnati would have had to be blowing the doors off of teams and somehow having to loss. Sec two loss or Big ten teams to even have a shot anyways. Then you look at this. And you look at indiana on the season. They embarrassed themselves in the first game against iowa like this is not a strength of schedule. Game that you look at it and it's like oh cincinnati's resumes gonna look great. Because you do. It's the test. Sure they won by fourteen. But if you have is you saw the desmond. Ritter did not look good. They ended up closing out the game. But this is not a team..

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