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Stephanie Davis, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Now serious crash yesterday evening on grow seal. Authorities confirming to w j that a twenty year old man was traveling at a very high rate of speed on East River road when he lost control and struck a tree. The driver was jetted from the vehicle, the man, who was taken to a hospital, his condition is unknown. The downriver crash team was activated in response to the accident. It's not clear at this time of drugs, or alcohol were a factor, w j news time four zero eight. Time for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eights from the idol Dom motor traffic center. Brought to you this hour by Porsche of the motor city. Jeff, what's happening on the roads at a whole lot light traffic volumes. No problems to report after a look at the AAA jam cams gem reminder about sweepers out and about westbound I ninety six from I six ninety six to Kensington road sweeping crew on the right shoulder and westbound I ninety six from Milford road to Kensington only the right lane open these to work. Zones will clear by five AM in Detroit. I ninety four westbound under the lodge freeway nightly roadwork scheduled to block the right lane until five AM and the ninety four eastbound ramp to lodge to the lodge northbound is close. These two projects will run late through June. I ninety six eastbound from the Davis into I ninety four. The left lane closed for roadwork scheduled until Sunday afternoon. I seventy five northbound from Sibley to Allen road, the right lane blocked due to roadwork also east and westbound Michigan avenue from Wyoming, the Clark street in Detroit. The left lane and turn lanes are closed until six AM, our traffic, tipster line two four eight four two three six WW j that's two four eight four two three six nine nine five in the idol. Dom motor group twenty four hour traffic center. I'm Jeff defriend WWE, NewsRadio nine fifty already. Thank you, Jeff. We get the weather forecast now from Carl babinski early on this Wednesday morning with plenty of clouds are low not far from.

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