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Much. Jed clampett shotgun, eight hundred dollars like, oh, should be more than that. But in the last few years it's been moving and moving up. There's that sent a guess is first record. I guess you just have to sell it is this is the first time he recorded his guy who's dead is legacy securities. You're probably not going to get a metoo thing with David Bowie at this point, no t to. So this is what he thinks it's going to go for and then we'll watch and see what happens. September eleventh. I'm going to say. So if he thinks he's probably got a reserve, then maybe, yeah, he. Might have a reserve. I say. Twenty five grand. I'll go hired display. It really could kind of, but it's not like a cool visual thing, but still I'm gonna go a lot higher Double Leaf. Fifty thousand. Interesting. Well, he's given this away then apparently this is the bargain price. He thinks it's going to sell for about thirteen grand. So we will see what happens in a few months. Again, there's nothing to show you put it in a lucite case or anything visually impressive. No. Oh, you had a phone machine? No, it's not. No. All right. Now we can bring it home. We've got it. I'm Gina grad, and that's the news I'm color me bad motherfucker. The news with gene grad. It's kind of the ex boy band thing raft after go play the casinos and stuff like that. It's it's gotta be. It's just rough, tough gig. You know, there's one thing. It's one thing I've told everyone the hardest part of life is the step backward, right? It's not where you're at. It's kind of MTV or you were. I think they were nominated for Grammy, but all that. And that's why like a lot of people go, I used to make a million dollars a year now. I make one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year, and that sucks that's used to do this, that and there's we were nominated for this award, but not anymore. There's a lot of that write a book and we sold the book. And now I wrote a book and no one bought the book. There's a lot of that, but. When you perform and you're used to looking out to eight thousand people. And now you're looking out to plenty of standing room and plenty of open seats at an Indian casino giant man charging you from the win even before him before he makes his move. That's so crushing. This thing where it's like, I wish to be married now divorced or I make less money or whatever. That's this kind of a flow and whatever life to see to it, but looking out into the actual venue and knowing what you used to play and what you do play that is very specific. Intangible is very right there. That's gotta suck. Don't you want to go into a completely different line of work just to stop making the audience uncomfortable. I don't want to be there because now I feel bad for you people. Yeah, go run a car dealership or something. Yeah,.

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