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Don't bring your into the office but you also have to be managed by someone that believes that as if you were. If you're managed by someone who believes you come in i and if you're not feeling well i'll send you home at again. Can against small examples. That again can provide a little bit of conflict in a less desirable working environment just again. Another small example of where. Your own personal values emphasized on your team can have some very big effects both positive and negative. We're talking about the author of the book lead. Don't manage here. You can see it and so mark. Another one of the areas in the book that i really liked was your chapter of out leadership alliances. I have long said that being a leader is is a pretty lonely place to be people that haven't been one or aren't one. Don't understand that let's talk about this. I love actually love this this this way of talking about it and i think it's one of the things in the book that perhaps is the most uniquely stated of anything so let's talk about why it's important what you mean by them and how we build them. Sure so i. I did get the benefit of working. A very large organization insurance company two thousand employees lots of different divisions and everyone can agree that at certain points in time you need other departments and or other leaders to help you accomplish your job so for example i worked in sales but oftentimes some of the people i was helping or servicing needed help in new business totally different department but of course i wanted to provide the solution and oftentimes me having a very good relationship with the people. Running new business granted me the ability to get things done because they liked me because i knew them as i cared about their people and their teams so sometimes it's a favor a true shoulder tap where i'm saying. Hey i'm in a pickle. I need some help in you. Help me do this. And because they liked me and because we had a relationship and because i cared about their employees and their employees knew it putting my request at the top of the stack was a huge benefit. Me super small example of how me having an alliance with someone another department allowed me to accomplish something that a different manage earn different department. Who wasn't quite as i'll say well liked could accomplish the same things i did simply because of those alliances again small example but we all know we need others to help us get work done and the more alliances you have the better off in my opinion and so what that's saying i think to us and i'm going to ask a follow up your second but what that's saying to us is that if we don't invest the time in those relationships we don't reap those benefits and in the end. Everybody is winning right. You're it's helping you but it's you. You're going i and offering help to others i and by doing that. You're creating a win for everybody. You bet you bet so as you're describing all of that. I'm sure that many are thinking about it. And whether they're watching us you know this is live near the very end of march twenty twenty one but we also know that It won't be till june until we put it out on the podcast itself by the everybody. The reason why you should sign up at remarkable podcasts dot com slash dinner remarkable podcasts dot com slash facebook. Because then you.

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